We've got the low down on why make-up is actually good for you...

We’ve all heard the horror stories. Make-up clogs up your pores, make-up gives you spots, make-up irritates your skin. A lot of us will always feel a slight pang of guilt as we smooth on our foundation and dust on that eyeshadow, are we really ruining our skin?

Yes, we all relish a day without make-up, when we can face the day with a fresh face. But most of the time a touch of make-up ups our confidence factor more than a notch. It makes us feel glam, special, and what’s wrong with using it to enhance all our best bits?

As we hit winter our skin starts to lose its gorgeous summer glow and we need a beauty pick-me-up. Yes you can turn to skincare, but even if its just a layer of BB cream or a slick of mascara a dash of make-up can really make all the difference.

So we’re here to tell you all the reasons why delving into your make-up bag ain’t all that bad for you! In fact it can actually do you some good!

The gist is lose the guilt, and stop fixating on the idea that your skin ‘needs to breathe’ because makeup has some serious perks!

Doctor’s make-up verdict

Leading dermatologist Dr Justine Hextall on behalf of The Harley Medical Group says ‘I think first of all, it is important not to take the term ‘breathe’ literally. Our skin does not breathe as such, in fact the top layer of skin contains dead skin cells. The blood supply to the skin brings oxygen. I am not sure going make-up free benefits the skin.’

According to Dr Hextall rather than clogging your pores many make-up products are now packed with ingredients that help improve the condition of your skin. ‘A lot of make-up now contains active ingredients like anti-oxidants and SPFs that protect skin from the ageing effects of pollution and sunlight’.

Dr Hextall does however warn against using oil-heavy foundations if you have oily skin. ‘Whilst there is no evidence that make-up makes acne worse it does make sense to avoid oil-heavy bases. There are so many clever light reflecting foundations that do a better job of giving the impression of glowing skin, I don’t see the need for heavy coverage or products containing lots of oil’.

Take a look at some of the make-up products that will do your skin some good.

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