Think The Generation Game in bridal gear and you’ve got BBC1’s new game show, Wedding Day Winners. Here, hosts Lorraine Kelly and Rob Beckett tell us more…

Every week, the family and friends of two engaged couples are pitted against each other in a series of games to try and win their loved ones incredible prizes – helped by celebrity guests including Jimmy Osmond, Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd from McFly and Strictly’s Anton Du Beke and Shirley Ballas!

To win the top prize of a honeymoon, the couples themselves must face a high-adrenaline challenge. The winning pair then get to say ‘I do’ in a magical ceremony in front of the nation. Don’t worry, the losing couple still get hitched, too, but that takes place off-screen.

TV Times was invited to watch filming, so we dusted off our fancy hats and took our front-row seat in the audience – champagne in hand, of course! – to cheer the couples on. After the celebrations, we nabbed Lorraine, 58, and Rob, 32, for a chat…

So, how would you describe your new show?

Rob: “It’s basically a wedding show that involves bungees, pulleys and a giant wedding cake!”
Lorraine: “It’s a competition and it’s so tense, but the good thing is that nobody really loses. Obviously the winner gets an amazing honeymoon to somewhere exotic but the runner up gets a mini moon, like a trip to Rome. But there’s a lot to fit in, it’s really fast paced!”

Tell us more about the games involved. We hear that one of them involves bouncing up and down on a chair to pop the cork of a giant champagne bottle!

Rob: “Yes, it’s called Pop Your Cork. At the start of every show we show everyone how to play it and that’s been funny because Lorraine gets to demonstrate how to bounce! Then there’s a make or bake one where they have to assemble a cake or a buffet on a travelator and I get covered in food! This show has greatest use of travelators since Gladiators!”

Lorraine: “I take great pride in demonstrating my bouncing for Pop Your Cork. But all the games are fun and the prizes are great. They take teamwork though and it all comes down to that one final game to win the honeymoon, but all the couples have loved it and the family and friends have really gone the extra mile.”

There’s a wedding at the end of each show, too…

Rob: “The show is actually built round the wedding, so it’s like an event! But by the time the wedding comes around, it doesn’t feel like some strangers getting married – you’ve been watching them and cheering them on in these games so you feel like you know them.”
Lorraine: “For the bride and groom it’s their big day, so the main thing is that everybody has a really good time.”

Have you enjoyed being at all the wedding ceremonies?

Lorraine: “Of course! Rob and I have worked out that in the past few weeks we’ve been to more weddings that he’s been to with his wife and I’ve been to with my husband. Every time I go home and I take all my clothes off there’s confetti everywhere – that’s one of the hazards of the job! But we’ve got an amazing registrar and she makes it very personal. It’s lovely.”
Rob: “My job is to give the groom a nod when he’s allowed to turn round and look at the bride. But it’s amazing how happy and relaxed the couples are.”

Lorraine: “When the grooms are standing there, some get really emotional and cry and you can see they’re shaking.”

So, can we expect tears then?

Lorraine: “Oh yes, you’ve got to keep your hanky up your sleeve because it’s very emotional and I always cry. All these couples have fascinating stories and you get to know so much about them. But it’s emotional all the way through the show to be honest because so much of it is about friends and family going the extra mile in the games.”

Lorraine, you’re clearly loving hosting this show. Do you think you might give up morning TV?

Lorraine: “No. I don’t think I ever could. It’s a delight to be able to do both, it really is. I think if you love what you do you manage to find the energy. Plus Rob’s gorgeous and makes me laugh all the time – he’s adorable!”
Rob: “Lorraine’s so full of energy that I sometimes forget she’s already done a show when she comes on set. My family are so impressed that I’m working with her, though. They can’t believe it. But we get on so well and have such a laugh – it’s been a real pleasure!”

Wedding Day Winners starts on Saturday January 6 at 7.25pm on BBC1.

FROM: What’s On TV, our sister site. Words by Victoria Wilson.