During an appearance on Lorraine Kelly’s show this morning, Take That singer Howard Donald has revealed that the oranges in her fruit bowl are actually made of plastic.

After telly star Lorraine welcomed the 50-year-old singer to the show, Howard reached into the fruit bowl before saying he “wasn’t too sure” about having one.

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“I was going to eat an orange but it’s a false one”, he said, before joking that the plastic prop “wasn’t good enough”.

After 59-year-old Lorraine replied, “I’m sorry about that, we’ll get you a real one in a minute”, the interview moved quickly on to talk about the singer’s new four-part Channel 4 series Mission Ignition.

The show is co-hosted by Howard and fellow classic car enthusiast and former British racing driver Dario Franchitti, who’s famous for winning the Indianapolis 500 on three different occasions.

Keen to join in on the fun, Lorraine later challenged Howard to a race around the studio in pedal cars with presenter Jenni Falconer raising a black and white chequered flag for them.

And Lorraine soon found out that race car driving isn’t easy in high heels!

“I’m going as fast as I can. I’m out of control,” she shouted at one point in the hilarious segment.

After all the fun, conversation then turned to Howard’s music and upcoming reunion with Take That, as he gets ready for their Greatest Hits Live tour along with Gary Barlow and Mark Owen.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any appearances from the other two former Take That stars – Robbie Williams and Jason Orange – as Howard said that he “wouldn’t want to force… to return to the group against their will”.

While Jason has disappeared from the limelight, Robbie is currently performing a Las Vegas residency.