Uh-oh! Popular presenter Lorraine Kelly has come under fire from fans recently, after posting a seemingly innocent Instagram video to her feed.

58-year-old Lorraine uploaded a video of her new pup Angus running in a field near her home to her social media.

The presenter has posted avidly about her furry friend, after welcoming to her home just a few weeks ago.

But this post in particular seems to have riled her 148,000 followers – oh dear…

The short clip shows adorable Angus running through a particularly muddy field quite happily, until he comes across two roaming geese.

The young puppy proceeds to chase the geese, who seem pretty alarmed at the dog coming running towards them.

Lorraine dubbed a comedic skit of music over the clip – hinting at her hilarity at her dog’s antics. She captioned the vid, “Angus #puppiesofinstagram #cheeky #borderterrier #puppy – “there’s a goose loose aboot this hoose””.

But fans were enraged by the clip – with many taking to the post to slam the presenter for not keeping her pet under control.

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Some were left ‘appalled’ by the fact that Lorraine let her pup chase the geese, and were left concerned about their welfare.

One wrote, ‘Is this meant to be funny or cute?? Sorry but it’s neither. Allowing your dog to chase after the geese is pretty irresponsible.’

While another agreed, ‘Why would you allow that!!!! And add such silly music to something so shocking’

A third angry fan also commented, ‘very irresponsible. Why draw the line at just livestock. Poor geese must have been terrified’. And a fourth wrote, ‘Let’s hope your dog never gets into a field of sheep!!! Absolutely appalling to let your dog carry on chasing like that.’

Angus being cute #borderterrier #puppy #gorgeous #puppiesofinstagram

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However, some also seem concerned about little Angus himself, warning that the geese may not react kindly to him.

One said, ‘just be careful it don’t turn on him as they have a nasty bite.’ And another agreed, saying ‘That sort of play can be quite dangerous for both the geese and the dog’.


Some fans did however simply comment on how adorable the video was. One fan commented ‘Bless him. He is so good! Growing up so fast!!! 🐶🐾💕 xxx’. While another said, ‘Fantastic love watching dogs running around having fun 🐶’.

Lorraine Kelly hasn’t yet commented on the criticism herself. But what do you think of the divisive post?