Saira Khan stunned the Loose Women panelists when she revealed her husband once used a spreadsheet to compare her to his ex-girlfriend.

The topic came up on Thursday’s show when the ladies were discussing jealousy over previous girlfriends, also known as ‘retroactive jealousy’.

And although 47-year-old Saira insisted that she hadn’t suffered from the problem with her current hubby Steve Hyde, she then went on to tell a ‘funny story’ involving a spreadsheet she’d once found.

She explained: “This is no joke and I wasn’t looking for [the spreadsheet], but I was going out with my now-husband and he’d left to go to work and I think I’d dropped an earring and I was looking under the bed and I pulled out this book.

“And on it was a spreadsheet and it had got me and his ex-girlfriends!”

As her fellow panelists – Andrea McLean, Janet Street-Porter and Linda Robson – looked shocked at the candid confession, she continued: “My husband’s a real geek and I think in his mind, it was quite a big decision, ‘do I go with her or do I go with her?’

“He’d done a spreadsheet with things like kindness, attractive, you know what.”

Following the unusual story, The Apprentice star then revealed that she “hadn’t got very many ticks”, but “got the ticks where it mattered.”

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Despite admitting the spreadsheet ‘did affect her’ when she first found it, the telly star clearly forgave her other half as the happy couple went on to marry back in 2004.

And flash forward 14 years and the pair have since welcomed two adorable children together, Zachariah and Amara, who Saira regularly chats about on Loose Women.

But still clearly confused by Saira’s story, Janet later questioned: “You went out with and married a man who did a spreadsheet about you?”

To which Saira joked: “They’re very useful now, they help me budget.”

At least they can laugh about it now!