The Loose Women ladies love talking about controversial and sometimes awkward subjects – it’s what they do best!

However, panelist Saira Khan was left red-faced on Thursday when she made a very unfortunate slip up live on the show.

As Saira and her co-stars Andrea McLean, Claire King and Jane Moore discussed the amazing weather this week, talk soon turned to summer wardrobes.

And just like most of us, 47-year-old Saira admitted she had ditched her tights thanks to the spring heatwave.

But what came out of Saira’s mouth next didn’t exactly sound right, as she quipped: “I’ve gone from keeping my legs in black tights to having them completely open!” Eeek!

After a very awkward pause, the whole audience broke out into hysterical laughter as the telly presenter realised what she’d said.

The Celebrity Big Brother star then stumbled over her words as she explained she meant her legs were ‘out’ rather than ‘open’.

Unfortunately, it seems as thought he damage had already been done because nobody could stop giggling. Ooops!

And viewers at home also found Saira’s slip up hilarious, as one joked: “We REALLY don’t wanna see your legs wide open, thank you Saira!”

“Oh Saira!” said another, while a third added: “When Saira Khan blurts out she has her legs open all the time now the sun is out..”Awkward!

It comes after Saira also shocked viewers of the show when she opened up about the beginning of her relationship with hubby, Steve Hyde.

While discussing the topic jealousy over previous girlfriends last week – aka ‘retroactive jealousy’ – the telly star went on to tell a ‘funny story’ involving a spreadsheet she’d once found.

“This is no joke and I wasn’t looking for [the spreadsheet], but I was going out with my now-husband and he’d left to go to work and I think I’d dropped an earring and I was looking under the bed and I pulled out this book”, she explained.

“And on it was a spreadsheet and it had got me and his ex-girlfriends!”

Saira then continued: “My husband’s a real geek and I think in his mind, it was quite a big decision, ‘do I go with her or do I go with her?’

“He’d done a spreadsheet with things like kindness, attractive, you know what.” Ouch!

Well, good on Saira for being so honest.