Loose Women viewers were overjoyed when Carol McGiffin returned to the panel after five years last month.

And it looks like straight-talking Carol McGiffin has wasted no time settling in as the TV star made a very candid confession on the show today.

Carol McGiffin

The 58-year-old appeared alongside regulars Kaye Adams, Nadia Sawalha and Stacey Solomon, where they were discussing details of their ‘worsts’ in terms of kissing, sex and brushes with the law.

And it didn’t take long for Carol – who’s been with boyfriend Mark Cassidy since 2008 – to prove she’s just as outrageous as ever as she told a story about doing the dirty in a graveyard!

“I’ve got a terrible habit of wanting to have sex while trespassing”, she confessed.

“Not now, when I was younger I used to break into places and have sex with people.

“So one time we broke into the grounds of a church. I know it’s really naughty.”

When she was asked to clarify what area of the church, Carol replied: “The graveyard. We got chased by the police because someone reported us. That was the brush with the law.”

Divulging even more details, the telly star added, “It was the worst sex ever because he was really short and he wasn’t really interested. I don’t even think he wanted to have sex with me. I was like, ‘come on, let’s do it.’

“It was awkward because I was wearing the worst outfit, which was pink, woolly thermals.”

And viewers at home found the whole thing hilarious, as one wrote on Twitter, “Your tv gold Carol hilarious so glad your back x”.

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While another agreed, “Love carol she real makes me laugh @loosewomen”, and a third added, “So good to have you back on @loosewomen @McGiff. You were sorely missed. #Hilarious”.

But Carol wasn’t the only one who had a hilarious story to tell, as 28-year-old Stacey also confessed her worst kiss was with current boyfriend Joe Swash.

The telly start admitted, “My worst kiss was actually with Joe but he was amazing. We were speaking to each other, he left my hotel room and then he knocked back on my door and just walked in and kissed me”.

Sounds pretty romantic, right? Well, Stace was so unprepared she ended up making this face…

We love the honesty!