Linda Robson has left her fellow Loose Women co-stars ASTOUNDED with this revelation!

We’ve all got different techniques when it comes to discipling unruly children. But Linda Robson left her Loose Women co-stars reeling after revealing how she used to parent her three kids.

The 57-year-old presenter is mum to three children, Roberta, 22, Louis, 24 and Lauren, 33.

In a debate on Wednesday’s episode of the popular daytime show, the former Birds of a Feather actress admitted her unusual parenting technique – that she used to pinch her kids in order to get them to behave.

If her three littleuns were stepping out of line, she revealed that “my way of disciplining was pinching.”

Her fellow Loose Women were left visibly shocked. Nadia seemed particularly shocked, exclaiming, “Linda!”

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But the co-host was quick to explain her point of view, admitting that it’s a lesson learnt from her own mother when she was a child.

She confessed, “If we said anything embarrassing, my mum used to pinch our arm. And so that’s what I’d do to the kids when they were small.

“Or the other thing I used to do was just shout really loudly and that would embarrass them and they’d stop misbehaving then.”

Some of the Loose Women ladies disagreed with Linda’s methods, but others were understanding. Nadia admitted that she’s reluctant to turn to physical methods of disciplining, saying “I don’t want to discipline for discipline’s sake.” She continued, “I always try to talk to my children about what’s gone on. I don’t believe in smacking or saying ‘You’re naughty’ or anything like that.”

However, Andrea gigglingly agreed with Linda, revealing it’s even something she’s experienced as a child. “My mum used to do the arm thing. But it was always with this smile so that no one else could know.”

She joked that she and her siblings used to name it the “Vulcan death grip”, and laughed, admitting, “I swear I still have the marks.”

Social media reacts…

The confession provoked a flurry of online, with viewers largely agreeing that Linda’s physical technique was the right approach…

One lady praised Mrs Robson, admitting there was nothing wrong with being firm…

Over on Facebook, one user, Becky May Truine, agreed that a harder approach is sometimes okay. She wrote,Too many people are scared to ‘discipline’ their child and they shouldn’t be! how else is a child supposed to know right from wrong and where your limits are?”

So what do you think? Are parents right to sometimes discipline children more harshly? Or should they adopt a less physical approach? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or on the Woman Facebook page – @womanmagazine