Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh has revealed her shock after a fan once asked her for a selfie at a friend’s funeral.

And the telly star – who plays  Michelle Connor in the ITV soap – was so taken aback by the insensitive request, that she didn’t even have time to say no.

Opening up about the awkward situation in her OK! magazine column, 41-year-old Kym said: “I was at a friend’s funeral not long ago and I was asked for a selfie during the wake!

“I didn’t even have a moment to say no as the person had jumped in and snapped the picture before I’d even got over the shock of how inappropriate it was!”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Kym also revealed another situation where she had been inappropriately snapped, this time while at the hospital with her youngest daughter Polly.

The telly star recalled that the fan began filming her and her six-year-old on their phone while they were waiting, admitting: “It was totally weird and I asked them to stop!”

Kym’s comments come after her fellow Coronation Street star Georgia Taylor took to Twitter last week to blast a fan who asked her for a selfie at the doctors – and then called her “rude” for refusing.

The actress – who plays Toyah Battersby in the soap – vented her fury to followers after she was left angry at the way the admirer reacted to her turning them down.

“Since when was it deemed acceptable to ask for selfies in the doctors reception?” Georgia, 38, wrote on Tuesday.

“You have no idea what I’m here for and it’s completely inappropriate, but apparently I’M the ‘rude’ one for saying no…”

And the Corrie stars are clearly all in agreement as Georgia’s on-screen sister Jane Danson replied: “You are quite possibly the kindest soul I know. Maybe some people should stop and think how ‘rude’ they are?”