Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh has opened up about her emotional reunion with the NHS nurse that saved her daughter, Polly’s life.

In 2010, Kym gave birth to daughter Polly – now seven-years-old – who was premature as she arrived seven weeks before her due date. But, thankfully matron Kath Eaton and her team from the neo-natal ward was on hand to save Polly’s life.

And now Kym, 42, has opened up about her daughter’s emotional reunion with Kath.

“It was wonderful to see Kath with Polly. She hasn’t seen her since she left the unit, which was seven years ago now,” Kym revealed. “Explaining to Polly who Kath was and to see her say thank you was lovely and we all got a little emotional.”

In the same interview on ITV’s Lorraine, the actress also opened up about her pregnancy and how it was very much ‘touch and go’ throughout.

“It was touch and go, my whole pregnancy, with Polly was touch and go. I was in and out of hospital a lot. We knew she was going to be premature, we didn’t know how premature,” Kym explained.

Adding: “It’s what they are doing every day, that’s just my story. Think of all the people they are doing that every day for.”

Kym’s son Archie sadly passed away moments after his premature birth the year before Polly was born, and when she fell pregnant with Polly, doctors warned that there was a risk of the same happening again.

But, thanks to the NHS Polly is happy and healthy.

Kym’s tribute comes as the country prepare to say thank you as the NHS celebrate 70 years. Kym will also be taking part in ITV’s The Big NHS Singalong Live on Wednesday, which marks the health service’s anniversary.

And viewers can also see the special moment that Kym and Polly will reunite with Kath.

We’ll definitely be tuning in to see the celebrations.