Kirsty Gallacher has confessed she’s given up drinking after she was given a two-year drink-driving ban last year.

The Sky Sports presenter has insisted that she now only drinks “tons of water” and nothing else.

Speaking to radio presenter Lisa Snowdon, Kirsty said: “One of them is to drinks tons of water. I don’t really drink anything else.

“I put lemon and ginger in my water quite a lot. It tastes great and is good for detoxing and cleansing, and also alkalises your system.”

Kirsty’s revelation comes after she admitted being three times over the drink-drive limit in September 2017, and she was banned from driving for two years following the arrest.

At the time, the TV host was convicted after she was seen driving her red BMW X4 erratically before she parked up in High Street Eton to meet her two children for a day out shopping for school uniforms.

Thames Valley Police officers breathalysed Kirsty just after 11am, finding she had 106micrograms of alcohol in her breath – three times the legal limit.

She said she was stressed at the time because of an on-going legal battle with ex-husband Paul Sampson, and told the court she didn’t know she was over the drink drive limit when she got behind the wheel.

The court heard she stopped off to meet a friend after work at the Winning Post pub in Winkfield the previous evening, drinking until the early hours of the morning before taking a taxi home.

Kirsty took an Uber back to the pub in the morning to collect her car, but was still over the limit when she set off to meet her children.

She was originally suspended from Sky Sports News but has since been reinstated in her position.