Kim Woodburn stormed off Loose Women today after an awkward run in with Coleen Nolan.

The TV star lived alongside Coleen during the 2017 series of Celebrity Big Brother, and it’s fair to say the pair didn’t exactly get on.

Kim Woodburn

In fact, 76-year-old Kim once blasted the LW lady as a ‘two-faced maggot’. Eeek!

So when the fiery How Clean Is Your House? star came face-to-face with her former rival on the ITV panel show, things soon escalated and the pair ended up in a full-on row.

After Kim admitted she only agreed to go on LW for a huge fee, Janet Street Porter acted as judge as she tried to make peace between them.

But as tensions rose in the studio, Kim blasted, “Look you folks can laugh all you want. I’m going to tell you something now and then I’m going to leave. I had a very very sad childhood, a brutal childhood, it was terrible.

“Then when I went in the Big Brother house I was very upset in that house and I pretended I wasn’t, I pretended I was fine.’

“I will never forget what the likes of her [Coleen] and everybody else were doing, they were laughing at me. I lose my temper but it’s better than that.”

Not stopping there, Kim continued, “Don’t always believe the demure person that sits here in front of you’, before branding Coleen and her sister Linda ‘trash’ and ‘talentless’.

When Janet then hit back, “She’s not trash,” Kim angrily stood up and stormed out of the studio, blasting, “I wouldn’t want to sit here and talk with lying trash like you.”

After quickly cutting to a break, Coleen tried to make light of the situation, as she joked, “I’m never making anybody a cup of tea ever again.”

And it looks like she wasn’t the only one feeling extremely awkward over the debacle, and after Loose Women wrote Twitter, “Well, that escalated quickly… Kim Woodburn is now being looked after backstage by the team”, fans flooded the post with comments.

“Omg I can’t literally believe what I’ve just seen. Never in my life has I seen anything like. That woman needs serious help. Respect to Coleen Linda Linda Janet for the way they handled that'”, said one angry viewer.

Another replied, “This whole interview was uncomfortable from start to finish”.

While a third hit out at the Loose Women panel, adding, “A stretch to call that an interview, it was a witch hunt!”