Harvey has made Katie very proud with his progress

Katie Price loves taking care of her horses and now son Harvey is helping her out at the stables as an adorable new video shows.

Harvey helping around the stables bless it's taken ages for him to even learn how to try and sweep with a broom bless ❤️

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The glamour model posted a touching clip on Tuesday where 15-year-old Harvey – who suffers from multiple disabilities including partial sight loss, autism, ADHD and Prader-Willi syndrome – is seen learning to sweep up at the facility, something which has made Katie very proud.

“Harvey helping around the stables bless it’s taken ages for him to even learn how to try and sweep with a broom bless,” Katie, 39, captioned the footage.

In the video Harvey is seen sweeping up hay with a broom as Katie says, “Wow, you’re very responsible. You’re doing a good job.”

Nawww. The sweet moment touched the hearts of Katie’s followers who left comments gushing about the cuteness of it all.

“He literally makes my heart melt,” one fan wrote, whilst another said, “Might have taken this lovely young man ages but he achieved it well done Harvey you are a inspiration to many others with and with out your condition keep learning your amazing”.

And one added, “I love the two of you !! The pure love and joy you bring each other is so evident !!!!”

The teenager then says hello to one of the ponies in her stable before Katie advises him not to put the broom in there.

In response Harvey cutely picks up some hay from the floor and gently puts it into the stable instead.

“Do you love the pony?” Katie is heard asking, to which Harvey replies, “Yes, Mummy.”

She then tells him she loves him and Harvey says back, “Love you too, Mum.”

It looks like Harvey has inherited his mum’s love of all things equestrian, with Katie having owned horses for many years.

Earlier this month the mum-of-five spoke of her heartbreak after one of her ponies was sadly killed in a car accident.

From our sister site CelebsNow – written by Anna Francis