Katie Price has been slammed by her Instagram followers for sharing a photo of her youngest children, Bunny and Jett, playing in her garden hot tub.

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In the photo, the pair, aged five and six, can be seen frolicking in the jacuzzi overflowing with foamy bubbles.

Captioning the photo, former glamour model Katie said, ‘Look at what Bunny and Jett did to my hot tub the other day … put my bath bombs in there 🙈🙈🙈🙈bubbles EVERYWHERE but couldn’t tell them off as I actually thought it was funny 🤣.’

Despite Katie finding the moment hilarious, a flurry of her fans took to the comment section beneath the post criticise her for seemingly leaving the tots unsupervised.


You don’t leave the little ones unsupervised in the hot tub do you? That’s a scary thought 😬,’ one asked.

While a second chipped in, ‘exactly what i thought when i saw this. Unbelievable, the kids had to be unsupervised otherwise they could never have done this #scaryparenting.’

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And a third agreed, ‘She was lucky they didn’t drown just be given grief for being realistic! This is isn’t something surely you would watch your kids do! And hot tubs are dangerous for unsupervised kids!

Hitting back at the accusations, more of Katie’s two million followers came to her defence.

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Me and my gorgeous Jett today chilling 💕❤️

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Obviously not, she’s clearly there with them or did the photo take itself? 🤷♀️🙄,’ wrote one.

Meanwhile, one more piped up to go in on those being critical of the reality star’s lifestyle, raging, ‘I can’t believe how judgemental some people actually are!! Go and get a life! ‘You don’t leave them unsupervised do you?’ ‘Pick up their toys’ ‘rubbish everywhere’ – I doubt your lives or home have always been perfection at all times, and if they are you lead sad sad little lives!