Penny Lancaster was left speechless this morning when she was compared to a stripper by Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway.

Good Morning Britain

The Loose Women panellist recently took part in new series Famous and Fighting Crime along with five other celebs where they joined officers on the front line at Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

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But while discussing her attempt to help overstretched policeman on GMB, Penny faced the awkward comparison from telly presenter Kate.

After playing a clip of the model in full uniform, 51-year-old Kate joked, “I just have a vision of a stag do, you in uniform – it’s Penny Lancaster!”

She then added, “It would be like the most extraordinary thing for that person, wouldn’t it? Let’s be honest.”

Although Kate’s joke didn’t exactly go to plan as Penny quickly, “It would be fun, but on a serious note…”  Awkward!

And it looks like some viewers weren’t impressed with the comment either, as one wrote on Twitter, “When Penny Lancaster is on @GMB to talk about the Police Force, and Kate Garraway insinuates she’s seen as nothing more than a stripper .”

While another slammed, “What bad taste to compare Penny to a stripper. She’s talking about a serious issue of the role of women in the police and you bring the tone down by suggesting she reminds you of a stripper. What were you thinking?!”

A third added, “Penny Lancaster seemed delighted that, after talking about her police volunteering, @kategarraway basically compared her to a stripper at a stag party.”

While a fourth agreed, “So, after her not very nice remark to Penny Lancaster, when can we expect to see @kategarraway putting in some hours in uniform/volunteering?”

Penny took part in the Channel 4 documentary along with Katie Piper, Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, Gogglebox star Sandi Bogle and comedian Marcus Brigstocke.

Speaking later in the interview, Rod Stewart’s wife revealed she wore a stab-proof vest but wasn’t given handcuffs, a baton, a mace or a Taser.

Explaining her decision to join the show, she said, “A few people have said ‘Why would you put yourself in that sort of danger?’ … They’ve got families and mothers and wives and kids to go back to, what makes me any different?”

She then went on to admit she was astounded by the “verbal and physical” abuse officers experience before adding, “The police are out there in such small numbers now … They don’t have enough protection. I think all officers should be trained to use Tasers.”