Some of our favourite telly stars tell us what they’re most looking forward to over this festive season.

Kate Garraway

Kate Garraway

My Christmas:
It will be the same as usual really, we always indulge with all the family, go up to my in-laws on Christmas Day and then back to my family on Boxing Day, 
so it’s all really lovely.

The worst present 
I’ve ever received is:
I don’t think I’ve ever got a bad one. I think there’s always something really lovely about it. I’ve never got a dodgy one – yet!

Linda Robson

My Christmas:
It’s all about family. 
I’ll cook Christmas dinner as usual and it’s all over in about five minutes flat!

My ideal mistletoe kiss would be:
Sean Connery is always my favourite, followed by lovely Russell Brand!

This year I’ve asked for:
A holiday away in Sardinia.

Nadiya Hussain

My Christmas:
My brother is getting married! But usually 
I have everyone round my house because it’s also my birthday.

This year I’ve asked for:
I’d love a dog, but my husband won’t let me have one.

The worst present 
I’ve ever received is:
My husband always gets jewellery wrong. He once bought me this disgusting necklace that was a solid ring with 
a big heart hanging off it. I asked my daughter 
if she wanted it, and 
she said no because it was too ugly!

Coleen Nolan

My Christmas:
I’m hoping to have new beginnings 
with the family.

My best Christmas memory is:
Every Christmas has been magical to me, 
it’s always a special time of year.

My least favourite Christmas was:
One year we were in Indonesia. It was the first time I’d been away from home 
at Christmas. The people were lovely, but it just didn’t feel right. It was very hot and we ate rice and beans in our hotel.

My ideal mistletoe kiss would be:
Just my three dogs, and that’s probably all I’ll be offered!

Eamonn Holmes


My Christmas:
It’s complicated because it will always involve a bit of Ireland and a bit of England. Ruth 
and I are yet to settle that one down. We’ve got a new show coming out at the start of the New Year, so there’s lots of pre-filming for that. It’ll actually be a really busy 
time of year for us.

I’ll be spending Christmas:
Well, home to me is Belfast, but home to Ruth is Surrey. 
It’s always a bit tricky, but we sort it out in the end.

My ideal Christmas is:
Ruthie loves a traditional Christmas and so do I. She’s almost Christmas obsessed!