Uh-oh – it seems even TV stars suffer from a case of the Monday morning blues every once in a while!

Kate Garraway has proven to be no exception to this – as she suffered from an awkward wardrobe mistake live on Good Morning Britain at the start of the week.

As she was introducing co-host Eamonn Holmes for the day, Kate happened to touch her hair, and unfortunately found a hair roller still left in her barnet.

The 50-year-old couldn’t believe her eyes as he pulled the roller out of her hair, and began to giggle in embarrassment.

She exclaimed, “I’ve just discovered I’ve still got the roller in my hair! I wondered what was itching me.” – turning a deep shade of red. Eek, don’t worry Kate – we’ve all been there! Sort of…

Popping her hands into her head, she also admitted, “I’m genuinely blushing.”

Eamonn, Kate, and Charlotte Hawkins all descended into fits of laughter after the unusual discovery. But ever the professionals, the trio quickly got back on with hosting the show.

Watch the hilarious clip here…

Luckily, GMB viewers also seemed to see the funny side of the wardrobe malfunction.

One wrote on Twitter,  “Brilliant! 😂”, while another joked, writing, “Could have been worse it might have been Nits 😀”.

Kate and Charlotte are joined by news anchor veteran Eamonn Holmes all this week, as he steps in for Piers Morgan.

And it seems Ruth’s hubby will be helping the GMB team wave goodbye to the old ITV studios, as Charlotte Hawkins revealed that it will be their last week filming on the Southbank.

On Twitter, she wrote, “Look who’s back! @EamonnHolmes joins the @GMB team this week as we say goodbye to our @ITV studios on the Southbank – a blast from the past for him as he presented the first GMTV here 25 years ago! 📺”

And it looks as though Eamonn is more than up for the task, writing on his own social media that he was looking forward to his stint on the show.

“Wakey , wakey …… The early shift beckons next week. 👍 Looking forward to being back on my old stomping ground with @GMB Mon -Thurs.”