Is the Judy Finnigan’s weight loss down to this one simple change?

The former This Morning host has recently been looking better than ever, flaunting a newly slimmed-down physique. In fact, the presenter has actually lost a whopping five stone over the years.

But Judy’s new look arguably couldn’t be further from the Judy of five years ago, who was at her heaviest after years without a sensible diet or regular exercise.

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But now, Judy’s daughter Chloe Madeley, 30, has shared the secrets behind Judy’s stunning weight loss – and it actually couldn’t be easier!

Chloe, who is herself a fitness fanatic and personal trainer, appeared on Loose Women to chat all things health. And inevitably, the subject turned to the transformation of Chloe’s beloved mum.

Chloe appeared on Loose Women with boyfriend James Haskell, a rugby player

Richard and Judy’s daughter admitted that there were some staunch differences between her parents’ fitness regimes growing up.

She shared with the panel, “You learn as you grow up that your parents are adults too. They are stubborn.

“Dad’s always been quite naturally physically active, he’ll go for walks, he’ll bike ride, he hikes a lot in Cornwall. And mum just isn’t interested, she’s just not interested. ”

However, the 30-year-old quickly shared that mum Judy’s diet has actually improved no end now, crediting the change in eating habits for her slimmer figure.

Chloe also shared that Judy has cut two staple foods out of her diet – and has seen amazing changes because of it.

She shared, “But I have to say, her diet now is amazing. Naturally, her palate has changed, she’s gotten really into sushi, raw fish, big multigrain salads and she’s dropped loads of weight just naturally from changing the old meat and potatoes to something healthier.”

Chloe has previously shared that her mum has always been one to shun physical activity. But it turns out, it’s for a pretty understandable reason.

“My parents don’t work out with me. Mum has dodgy knees so she’d have to be with a really good specialist in order to move and not injure herself any further.”

However, it seems Judy’s been just as able to shed the pounds, without putting in hours at the gym. We say, good for her!

Now, who wants sushi for lunch?