After shedding a jaw-dropping four stone, the former Loose Women star 
is ready to set a date for her big day

It was an appearance on ITV’s Sugar Free Farm in 2016 that kick-started her weight loss, 
and now – four stone lighter 
– Jane McDonald is looking 
and feeling better than ever.

So much so that an insider close 
to Jane tells Woman that after her two-year body transformation, the 55-year-old is now feeling noticeably ‘sexier’ – and is finally ready to walk down the aisle with fiancé of nine years, musician Eddie Rothe.

So what was behind her body transformation? And when will we be hearing the ringing of wedding bells?

Lifestyle change

Having initially been propelled to fame as a cruise ship singer, a source close to Jane says she initially blamed her hectic lifestyle for her bad eating habits.
‘She was a certified professional grazer,’ our insider explains. ‘There is always food available on a cruise ship, whatever time of the day, and she was trapped in a food twilight zone – eating all the wrong things.’

But fast forward a few years and Jane has overhauled her entire diet and has dropped ‘a good dress size and then some’.

As well as continuing to cut 
sugar out of her diet, Jane avoids processed foods and, according to her pal, eats a lot of fish, salads and nuts and only drinks in moderation.

‘Jane hates the gym so has to be even stricter with her diet. She’s lost over four stone and her weight is still going down,’ our source says. ‘She feels much sexier for it.’

Career first

Not only did Jane feel ‘down on herself’ before she dropped the weight, but she was also at risk of jeopardising her singing career. Our insider explains, ‘There were real concerns that putting on weight around her neck area could affect the quality and tone of Jane’s voice. Her voice is her livelihood, so 
it was in her best interest to lose the weight.’

And her hard work has paid 
off, as since losing the weight Jane has also seen her career thrive – releasing another album and fronting popular shows including Cruising with Jane McDonald, which has won her a BAFTA TV Award nomination.

A new woman

To celebrate her new figure, Jane has wasted no time in reinventing herself – even transforming her entire wardrobe.

‘She looks fabulous and has never been so happy being naked – Eddie has joked that he’s had to tell her to put her kit on! But he’s happy with her weight how she 
is – he doesn’t want her to get much smaller,’ our insider confesses.

But there’s plenty for the couple to 
look forward to because nine years 
after her childhood sweetheart, Eddie, popped the question, Jane is finally 
ready to tie the knot.

Having been married and divorced twice before, Jane previously revealed she had doubts about walking down the aisle again with Eddie.

‘Ed’s been so patient. He’s fantastic, adorable and we’re having a great time. We’re not rushing to get married. I don’t want to jinx it,’ she once said. ‘And in any case, I can’t afford to get divorced again.’

But now that the former 
Loose Women star is feeling better than ever, she can’t wait to finally cement 
their relationship.

‘Before Jane lost the weight she was really down on herself and wouldn’t 
even think about setting a date for the wedding, but now that’s all changed,’ 
says our insider.

Hats at the ready!