Ruth Langsford has been shimmying her way around the Strictly dance floor as of late, but the presenter really is a woman of many skills.

We recently caught up with Ruth Langsford and she revealed all about the launch of her exciting new fashion line with QVC.

Her eponymous collection is said to be ‘classic basics with a twist, featuring pops of gorgeous colour and vibrant print.’

And when we asked the presenter what inspired her latest range, she was nothing but honest and opened up about her own shopping dilemas, revealing: ‘I’ve always thought about the issues I’ve had while shopping  for myself and not being able to find things that I want to wear. As I’ve got older I know what I like, I know what suits me, so I like to go into a shop and go yes, I like that.’

She added: ‘All the things that I struggle with when trying to find clothes, I know other women struggle with, so I hope with my range I am able to address the problems.’

And understandably the This Morning presenter is chuffed with her new range, and she couldn’t help but gush about some of her designs saying: ‘I wanted to add some sass to the collection.’

It is sassy indeed with faux leather skirts, lace dresses and super comfy jeans, Ruth has told us what she loves about her range.

‘I love the faux leather skirt,’ she admitted. ‘It’s so comfy and has a jersey panel down the side to make sure that we can move in it.’

And when it comes to being versatile for a casual or smart look, Ruth’s go to is her trusty blazer with a touch of faux leather.

‘I love my blazer because you don’t have to wear it one way. You could chuck it with jeans and t-shirt for something casual, or wear it with a dress and it would still look amazing.’

And the one thing that Ruth just HAD to have in her collection, was of course, a pair of good old fashioned comfy jeans.

‘I’ve test driven a lot of the clothes. And the jeans particularly, I’ve worn and washed, worn and washed, and we tweaked a couple of things, and I’m so proud of them,’ Ruth revealed.

‘I wanted to make a comfortable pair of jeans that don’t dig into my tummy. The biggest compliment I have is when people say, ‘these are such comfortable jeans, I don’t want to take them off the moment I get into the house.’’

Here, here Ruth!

Take a look at Ruth’s collection here!

Words: Chloe Andrews