How vitamin C has become the new beauty must-have ingredient

There’s a reason why vitamin C is currently beauty’s number one ingredient. Not only does it shield skin from harmful free radicals –  we’re talking sun damage, pollution, the lot – it also plumps up your skin, blurs fine lines, and brightens like there’s no tomorrow.

We’ve always known that vitamin C was important in our diets – we take vitamin C pills like there’s no tomorrow if we get to thinking there’s a cold in the air, and citrus fruits are always a key food to include as one of our five a day, but who knew it was capable of so much skin care magic?

According to renowned skincare expert and founder of Paula’s Choice, Paula Begoun, the list of vitamin C benefits is endless! It reduces the appearance of brown spots, boosts collagen production (hello firmer skin!), reduces inflammation and irritation, fades post-breakout red marks, increases the effectiveness of your sunscreens and ups your skin’s own defences against the sun, making it one hell of an anti-ager!

And the good news is the beauty insiders have taken notice, and there’s a whole load of products that now count vitamin C as their main ingredient – so stock up on all the creams, serums, toners and body oils out there that are set to give you a dose of the stuff.