Perfect your favourite make-up look with our beauty team's top tips...

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If you’ve ever wondered how to apply make-up, just know you’re not alone. There are plenty of gorgeous products out there, but not all of us know how to apply them to our faces properly, and how to make the most out of them.

But luckily, our beauty team have provided some invaluable tips when it comes to applying make-up…

How to apply make-up:

Tap on concealer – don’t brush on

Less is more when it comes to concealer – too much can easily look cakey and draw attention to the area you actually want to cover up. Gently tap it on under your eyes and around red areas or blemishes with your fingers, building up thin layers, then blend in with a concealer brush if needed. Use a thin liquid concealer for under your eyes, and pot cream concealers for spots. These stick to the area better and you won’t need as much for a good finish.

We recommend: Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser, £8.99; NYX Dark Circle Concealer, £6; Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush, £9.

Clean your brushes!

how to apply make-up

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Dirty make-up brushes not only cause skin breakouts, but result 
in uneven make-up application. Put a little eye make-up remover in a cup and swirl your dirty brushes in it. Rinse in a solution of cleanser and water before fully rinsing under a running tap and leaving to dry.

We recommend: Simple Eye Make-up Remover Pouch, £1.99.

Use your fingers to apply your base

Many make-up artists 
say your fingers are your best beauty tool. They’re certainly great for applying low-coverage bases and cream-based products. 
Use them to smooth in tinted moisturiser and BB or CC creams, and to blend in cream blushers, bronzers and eyeshadows. Just think about how much space that’s going to save you in your make-up bag.

Use both brushes and
 beauty blenders

For full coverage with your foundation, use a brush or beauty blender. Your foundation brush should 
have very fine, tightly-packed bristles. A beauty blender will work just as well – just make sure you wet it and squeeze out the water first, as this gives a lighter application and prevents the blender from soaking up foundation.

We recommend: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, £8.99; Beautyblender sponge, £17.

Apply make-up from the centre of your face first

If you’ve ever wondered, ‘how to apply make-up’, this method is key. Use the back of your hand as your palette, dispensing a little foundation there and picking it up with your chosen tool. Begin at the centre of your face, where redness and an uneven tone is more likely to occur, and blend outwards for maximum coverage where you really need it and a light finish elsewhere.

Cleanse every morning

how to apply make-up

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Cleansing your skin 
with a little micellar water in the morning makes for a more even make-up application. For even smoother skin, try a sweep of 
a gentle glycolic toner every other day. This lifts away dulling 
dead skin cells to 
give you a brighter complexion.

We recommend: Pixi Glow Tonic, £18.

Less-is-more with mascara

For mishap-free application, sweep the brush against the neck 
of the bottle to ensure it doesn’t hold too much product, and concentrate your application on the mid-lengths of your lashes running up to the tip to add more length.

We recommend: L’Oréal Paris 
Paradise Extatic 
Mascara, £11.98.

Prepare your lips for lipstick

Prep your lips with a little concealer, then use a sharpened pencil, paying special attention to your Cupid’s bow and the underside of your bottom lip. Blend with your fingers to soften the line before dotting on lipstick in thin layers and blending. Dot clear gloss in the centre of both lips for a full-looking pout.

We recommend: Barry M Lip Liner, £2.99; Rimmel Oh My Gloss!, £5.49.

Make your eyeliner smokey

how to apply make-up

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You don’t need to draw 
a solid line of eyeliner. Choose a soft, blendable kohl pencil and dot it on, keeping the dots close together, then use a fine liner pencil to blend them together in a smokey line. The overall look is very flattering and you don’t need perfect hand-eye coordination.

We recommend: Rimmel ScandalEyes Kohl, £4.49; Zoeva 317 Wing Eyeliner Brush, £8.

Use a brow brush

Use a spoolie brush to groom your brows. For make-up free brows, simply dab 
on a little Vaseline, then brush through. If you use brow colour, finish with 
a few sweeps of a brow brush to diffuse the colour for a foolproof natural finish.

We recommend: MAC Disposable Mascara Wands, £6.50.

Enjoy your perfectly put together make-up look!