When we wonder how celebrities achieve their flawless make-up looks, using nipple cream likely doesn’t factor into our thinking.

But that’s all about to change – given that we now know Holly Willoughby relies on it for her make-up routine!

Yes, Holly’s esteemed make-up artist Patsy O’Neill has revealed that she uses the unusual product on the presenting star. In a new Instagram post, she revealed the product in a line-up of items she used to create Holly’s Dancing On Ice looks.

But which nipple balm does she opt for? Well, it looks as though Patsy prefers the DR.LIPP Original Nipple Balm for Lips.

Used to hydrate dry skin, the cream uses ingredients normally used to revive chapped nipples.

It’s not the first thing you’d like about putting on your face, but it turns out, it could do it the world of good.

According to the brand, it’ actually the perfect solution for our less-than-perfect pouts.

They say, “The protective medical grade lanolin is the perfect way to protect vulnerable areas, while the tasteless formula is free from preservatives and fragrances making it a great choice for the lips.”

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And customers seem to agree.

Buy Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips here, £12

Singing its praises, one wrote, “I have extremely dry lips and this is the only thing I’ve used which you dont have to reapply every few minutes.” While another agreed, “This is simply brilliant!! The best lip balm ever.. I also use it on any very dry patches on my face and blends fine..”

Holly’s complexion is always flawless, with never a chapped lip or dry patch in sight. So if it works for her – we’re pretty much sold!

Hey – if it helps us look anything like this, we’re totally on board…

Patsy also revealed a number of other products she turns too, including one from Holly’s fave brand, Delilah.

It looks as though the make-up artist uses the Delilah Time Frame foundation on the picture-perfect star. And at £34, it’s a great investment piece, for a flawless complexion like Holly’s.

She also turns to Benefit’s popular product, High Brow, when it comes to shaping up Holly’s brows.

The brow highlighting pencil costs just £16.65, and promises to “add a lifted look to the entire eye area.” Sounds fab to us!

We know which product we’ll be adding to our make-up bags then…