Helen Mirren is one of the most celebrated actresses in the world – but turns out, the superstar wasn’t always so confident in her performing abilities.

We know – we can’t quite believe it either – but it’s true!

At a recent star-studded Hollywood bash, the 72-year-old was being honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

But the impressive accolade clearly had the superstar reflecting on her humble beginnings in the industry, confessing she once questioned her future as an actress.

In a speech at the annual Movies for Grownups Awards, Helen shared that a chance encounter with a palm reader left her ‘throwing her life away’.

She recalled a memory from her early twenties, “when I was feeling insecure about myself and my future, and thinking nothing would ever happen to me, and my dreams wouldn’t come true.

Helen continued, “I wanted desperately to be an actress. In despair and confusion, I went to a palm reader . . . and it cost me a fiver.”

The Brit A-lister revealed how the palm-reader then handed her a pen and paper. He told her her would reveal her future, but that he would speak so fast, she’d have to quickly jot it down. Bizarre? Yep…

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But Helen said, “He was right . . . I left with this huge sheaf of papers, and I couldn’t remember anything.

“And there was my future—in this pile of papers.”

Helen has gone on to win many huge film roles, including playing Queen Elizabeth II in 2006

However, instead of pouring over the information to get an insight into whether she’d make it to the big time – Helen simply threw the papers in the bin.

In that moment, she shared how she, “threw the knowledge of my future away”.

But it turns out, she’s never been happier about the decision. She admitted that knowing what was going to happen probably would have ruined things. And instead, it seems Helen has readily embraced the unknown.

She said, “Life keeps surprising us . . . that’s what makes it so rich with possibility,”

“It wouldn’t be worth living…just a giant to-do list waiting to be crossed off. But nothing is written . . . everything is up for grabs.”

We have to say, that’s a pretty inspirational message. Just another reason why we love Helen…