They share a love of fashion and fun, but that’s where the similarities between soap star Helen Flanagan and her Coronation Street alter ego Rosie Webster end.

While ditzy model Rosie would probably assume JK Rowling was an up-and-coming designer, bookworm Helen reveals that, aside from her family, her greatest passion in life is none other than boy wizard Harry Potter!

It’s unlikely Helen will have much time on her hands for reading, though, with her second baby due this month.

The 27-
year-old, who lives in Glasgow with her footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair and their two-year-old daughter Matilda, 
talks to us about role models, skimpy costumes and Holly and Phil…

This baby wasn’t planned but I’m dead excited. I wanted more children eventually, but I didn’t think it would happen this quick. I’m going to have the baby in Scotland.  Matilda was born in Birmingham because Scott was playing for Aston Villa, and he now plays in Scotland for Celtic.

It’s important to be a good role model to my daughter and not obsess about my weight or diet too much. I like to eat healthily, but I want to be a good example, so I’m quite laid back and eat what I want. I’m not as fit as I’d want to be, though. I don’t have a gym membership or go swimming, but I think running around after toddlers keeps you active and I’m hoping I’ll be able 
to find time during my maternity leave, even it’s just going for 
a walk with the pram.

My goals are like a lot of people’s – to be a good mum and be happy 
and healthy. Other dramas would be 
nice, but I love being at Coronation Street 
and I definitely want to come back. I really wanted to return to work after having Matilda – it was important 
for me to do something for
me. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve got such a good support system with my mum. She lives quite close to Coronation Street, so while I’m filming I stay with her and she looks after Matilda when I’m in work.

My departure storyline is great – it features Holly [Willoughby] and Phil [Schofield] from This Morning as Rosie runs into her drug-smuggling ex and ends up in a bit of trouble, so This Morning want to interview her! Whenever I’ve 
met them they’ve been really lovely, 
so it’s great to be working with them. 
After the show, Rosie is approached by 
a modelling agent and offered a job on 
a Japanese TV game show. It’s good fun and very typically Rosie and leaves it open for me to come back after maternity leave.

I have quite an input into what my character wears and always put myself in crop tops. That’s what I feel comfortable with. Before I was pregnant I’d always 
pick up clothes for Rosie. I was shopping recently and saw this big pink fluffy handbag, but there was 
no point buying it because 
I was heading off on maternity leave!

As you get older you get a lot happier and a lot more comfortable with yourself. You become more confident, too. The things I used to worry about don’t bother me any more. If I got a few spots when I was 20 it would upset me, but I don’t care as much now. I think having children helps puts everything into perspective as well.

I’m the biggest Harry Potter geek ever! I’ve seen all the films and read all the books – I’m obsessed – and I’ve got Matilda on to them as well. All my 
family like Harry Potter. When we 
went on holiday my dad used to play the audiotapes in the car. I haven’t got any Harry Potter posters – I think Scott might have something to say about that! But apart from being on Coronation Street, being in Harry Potter would be my dream role, it would absolutely make my life! Even if it was in a few years’ time, when 
I could play Professor McGonagall!