TV star Richard Madeley has opened up about the moment when he and wife Judy Finnegan suffered a devastating miscarriage with their first child.

Speaking for a new Channel 4 documentary, Child of Mine, which is being aired in honour of Baby Loss Awareness Week, Richard shared how the couple lost their first baby together years before welcoming their other two children.

According to The Times, Richard revealed how now 70-year-old Judy was 16 weeks pregnant at the time.

He said, “Judy was 16 weeks pregnant when she went for a routine scan.

“It was our first baby together (she had twins from her first marriage) and there had been no cause for concern.

“But I’ll never forget the nurse hurrying towards me, an agonised expression on her face: “Mr Madeley, you need to come this way…”

Revealing the heartbreaking moment when Judy shared the devastating news with her husband, Richard said, “I joined Judy in the examination room. Tears were streaming down her face: “It’s died, Richard. It’s died.”

“The scan had revealed a perfect foetus with a non-existent heartbeat.”

Richard expanded on what had happened, saying, “Something – we never discovered exactly what – had gone wrong at a critical stage of his development. (The post-mortem revealed we would have had a boy).”

“It was utterly devastating: no warning; no earlier, gentle, indication of the possibility of catastrophe. Our baby had just died. And he was still in Judy’s womb.”

The GMB presenter went on to describe the aftermath of the heartbreaking event, saying, “She was kept in hospital overnight for a second scan (“just to make absolutely sure”) and was then put into an induced labour.

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“My heart broke for her as I waited outside the delivery room. What a dreadful experience: to go through the motions of childbirth, knowing what the grim outcome would be.

“A day or so later, Judy was discharged and we went home, baby-less. It was horrible: empty, cold, defeated and drear.”

Richard and Judy went on to welcome their first child together, Jack Madeley, later that same year, in 1986. The year after, in 1987, the couple also had their daughter, Chloe Madeley, together.