David and Victoria’s sassy 
daughter is seven going on 17


The Beckhams are arguably one of the most famous families in the world – whether it’s David, Victoria, or one of their four children, none of them are strangers to the spotlight.

While their eldest son Brooklyn’s love life is usually hitting headlines, it’s their youngest, Harper, who’s been stealing the show recently.

As the seven-year-old is growing up, she’s also becoming something of 
a fashion icon in her own right, but is that coming at the cost of her childhood?


‘Twinning’ with 
Anna Wintour

Sat on the front row during her mum’s London Fashion Week show at the Tate Britain in London, Harper debuted her chic new bob.

Not only is her new style rather grown up for a seven-year-old girl, but it’s also identical to the queen of fashion, American Vogue magazine’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour’s.

And as the two ladies sat next to each other, many onlookers questioned whether Harper was being used as a publicity stunt for Victoria’s fashion line.

Harper Beckham

Fancy facials

As well as a fresh cut, Posh, 44, is determined to give her daughter a strict skincare routine, similar to her own.

Victoria struggled with her own appearance as she grew up, admitting, “I used to have quite bad skin when 
I was younger and I was constantly covering up spots.”

The pair recently 
headed for a girly day 
out and got mother and daughter facials together. Could this be paving the 
way for Harper to spend £648 daily on beauty products like her mum?

Victoria said, “She is very interested in what I’m using on my body. I am teaching her and she is passionate.”

victoria beckham harper woman

Living like 
a princess

Clearly the wealthy Beckhams’ definition of “pocket money” is 
a little different to us normal folk, and young Harper is already giving extravagant gifts to her loved ones that many could only ever dream 
of purchasing.

While most seven-year-olds probably give 
a hand-made card and 
a box of chocolates to their parents on their birthday, last year Harper gifted her dad a Louis Vuitton wine holder that’s reportedly worth almost £5,000.

But it was Harper’s own birthday celebrations that sparked major outrage, when she headed to Buckingham Palace to party with Princess Eugenie, hosted by Prince Andrew.

Defending the bash, David, 43, said, “Just to be clear, this wasn’t the palace opening the gates for Harper’s birthday party.

“This was a tea party where us and other guests were invited, so it was a beautiful thing to do with my mum, Harper, plus a few school friends.” Hmm, our invite must have got lost in the post…