Good Morning Britain viewers got more than they bargained for on Tuesday morning when Piers Morgan dropped a bombshell about his sex life.

Piers Morgan

The telly presenter and his co-star Susanna Reid were joined by former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson to talk about her new book ‘Lust and Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in Your Relationship’.

But things soon got vert flirty when Pamela began discussing the sexual revolution, as she said: “The sexual revolution gave us a lot of bad sex, don’t you think?”

Piers, 53, then shocked everyone – including Susanna – when he revealed a little too much information, replying: “Err Pamela I’ve never had bad sex. Wouldn’t know.”

As the whole studio gave a gasp of horror, Pamela joked: “You don’t need the book then. Give it back.”

And 47-year-old Susanna quipped: “Things you never thought you’d hear on a television show at seven minutes past eight in the morning.”

To which the actress interjected: “Or want to hear…enjoy your Cheerios.” Eeek!

And as Pamela came back on for a second longer segment about sex, Piers’ flirty comments even prompted Susanna to call out: “‘I feel a little bit of a third wheel here!’”

It looks like viewers at home were just as shocked, with many taking to Twitter to blast the interview as ‘awkward’ and ‘cringe’.

“Hearing Piers Morgan talk about his sex life on TV this morning has fully ruined my week”, said one fan.

While another responded: “Thanks for that @piersmorgan I’ve just brought my breakfast back up! #GMB,”

And a third added: “Breaking News @piersmorgan Admitted live on TV he has “Never” has bad sex, Thanks for that Piers just what I wanted to know 8am.”

But they weren’t the only ones…

Although it looks like Piers wasn’t too bothered about the reaction, as he later Tweeted a photo of Susanna with her head in her hands along with the message: “I think @susannareid100 really enjoyed our sex chat with @pamfoundation today…”