Ross Kemp has come a long way since his days as Grant Mitchell on EastEnders, and now he’s revealed all about his new role.

The 54-year-old actor-turned-journalist has now taken on the role of President to narrate community stories from brand new Tom Clancy game, The Division 2.

Addressing the world from a post-apocalyptic Oval office, Ross’ latest mission sees him narrating dramatic stories of war submitted by players of the upcoming sequel to the hit game franchise.

Using his own experiences to deliver the dramatic tales, including the theatre of EastEnders, military action of Ultimate Force and unpredictable tension of the extreme worlds he’s visited as a journalist, including Ukraine, Venezuela, Libya and the West Bank, Ross has narrated a number of real stories submitted by community members across Ubisoft’s UK social channels.

Speaking of his new role, Ross, said, “I’ve followed the work of Tom Clancy throughout my career and he’s had a profound impact on popular culture.

“I’m delighted to be able to use my experiences as an actor and military journalist to chronicle these tales of tension, conflict and excitement directly from the Oval office.”

The father-of-four is bringing to life the combat and dramatic tension of the game’s Dark Zones, places where nobody is safe from enemies and teammates alike, and where breaking the rules of is actively encouraged.

Each story actually took place in the frozen Dark Zone of the first game in the franchise, or in the expanded threat of The Division 2’s Dark Zones as experienced in the recent Private Beta.

Unfortunately, EastEnders fans haven’t seen Ross in Albert Square since 2016 – when he returned briefly to film scenes for the death of his on-screen mother, Peggy Mitchell – played by Dame Barbara Windsor.

Last month, Ross spoke of his relief at still being recognised by Dame Barbara, who is sadly battling Alzheimer’s.

Speaking to the Daily Star about their continued friendship, Ross said, “She’s lovely. I go round and see her but it’s getting harder.”

Dame Barbara was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in April 2014, but bravely decided to share the news with fans last year.

Ross Kemp’s Tales from the Dark Zone are available via Ubisoft UK social channels now, ahead of the game’s release on March 15.