Got your party dress sorted? Up your confidence levels with clever shape wear undies...

This party season, forget worrying about body hang ups and invest in some clever shape wear to see you through.

Nothing says you’re ready to party like a brand new dress but getting one that perfectly disguises all of your lumps and bumps is tricky. And no one wants to swan into their office bash wearing a baggy sack. Instead, trick everyone into thinking you’ve suddenly transformed into a Holly Willoughby type with the best shape wear.

Party season shape wear to suit you

Whether you’re into super glam plunge frocks, strap-free dresses or the most figure skimming numbers, there are plenty of smoothing and sculpting options available. When you fin the right undies we guarantee your confidence will sky rocket. Plus, who wants to spend all evening worrying about holding in their tum when they could be enjoying a galss of prosecco or three?

shape wear party dresses underwear

For strapless dresses or frocks with sheer panels on the décolletage, a bra that supports without ruining the overall look with straps is a must. Look for pretty strapless cups or bras with straps your can remove or change into different strap-ways.

Smooth your figure and up confidence levels

If your dress is a body-hugger, shape wear is a must. Shorts that go high on the waist will smooth hips, tummies and thighs. Waist cinching knickers offer more stomach flattening with the added benefits of giving the wearer an hourglass middle. For an all-over smoothing effect pop on a shaping slip dress.

Going to show off the cleavage with a deep, sexy plunge neck? Only ladies with small boobs can get away with going bra-less. If you’re anything over a small B-cup you’re breasts will need support. Luckily, there are lots of very cool plunge bra options available on the high street now. There are even plunging bras for bigger sizes meaning you can work the trend if you’re the proud owner of a pair of Kelly brook-style boobs. One of our fave solutions for plunge is the below bodysuit. The cups support boob while the central panel flattens the tummy. An all-round winner.