TV presenter Fern Britton has let slip the secret behind her 18 year marriage with Phil Vickery.

Fern Britton and Phil Vickery

The famous pair tied the knot back in 2000 and welcomed 17-year-old daughter Winnie just a year later.

And despite previously working closely together on This Morning, it turns out they’ve managed to keep their relationship alive with one simple tick – by giving each other space.

“We have let each other have our freedom”,  60-year-old Ferne admitted to The Mirror.

“He’s a man who has always got to meet a man about a dog.

“He says, ‘I will be half an hour’. That might be a couple of days. We don’t crowd each other and we are happy with that.”

Meanwhile, Fern – who shares three children Jack, Harry and Grace with ex husband Clive Jones – recently made another candid confession about her relationship.

Speaking to Good Housekeeping magazine, the telly star revealed she’d rather sit down with a nice cup of tea than have sex with her hubby.

“Sex is great but a cup of tea is great, too”, Fern said.

“There’s nothing nicer than getting into bed with a cuppa and having a hug and a chat – that’s love”.

The mum-of-four added: “Lust is great, but when you really love someone and you trust each other, and you’re in bed together drinking tea and chatting, that is a true relationship.”

It comes after the presenter emotionally opened up about nearly dying after contracting sepsis back in 2016.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain last month, the star detailed the terrifying moment she thought she wasn’t going to survive.

“In July 2016 I had a hysterectomy but unfortunately within the first ¾ days I started to feel so much pain”, she said.

“I was so unwell, sick, hot, sweaty, confused and I thought I am going to die. I am dying.”

Luckily, after spending 10 days in hospital on antibiotics, Fern is now well on the road to recovery and is ready to make an epic comeback to the spotlight with her stage production of Calendar Girls.

Good to have you back, Fern!