Suranne Jones is reprising her role as scorned wife Gemma Foster for the new series of Doctor Foster. And we couldn’t be more excited about one of our favourite actresses returning to the BBC screen.

Doctor Foster

Series 2 kicks off on September 5th at 9pm, and the full-length trailer of the hit drama has given us a tantalising hint at what’s to come. Our very first sneak peek at the brand new season shows Gemma moving on from her life with Simon – and she’s even considered a date with a dishy new man.

But that all comes to a halt when she comes dramatically face-to-face with her estranged ex. The drama definitely amps up as the trailer progresses, with Gemma at one stage asking Simon, “You want to get rid of me?”

Could things be about to get a whole lot more gruesome for this couple at war? Simon’s mistress Kate has the last word of the two-minute trailer, expressing her hopes for some peace and quiet after the drama of last season. Somehow, we don’t think that’s quite going to work out, do you?

Doctor Foster Series 2: what can we expect?

Following Gemma’s journey two years on from the devastating news of her husband’s affair, the next instalment of the nail biting drama centres on younger mistress Kate – played by Jodie Comer.

Doctor Foster

She told Digital Spy: “On a personal level, what’s exciting for me is people will actually get to know Kate as a person. She is just known as ‘the other woman’ – so I think it’s quite cool to come back and hopefully maybe give people a different perspective.” Suranne has also spoken about Kate and Gemma’s relationship in the new series, disclosing that the pair will go to “deep, dark places”.

Award-winning writer Mike Barlett will be back to “tell the next exhilarating chapter”, deftly creating the plot twists and turns that make Doctor Foster so gripping.

With such an amazing crop of talent, it was was surprising to hear that the award-winning actress “had to be convinced” to sign up for series 2. But she revealed just what it was that clinched the deal for her. Speaking to Digital Spy she said: “It was because my story had finished,” she explained. “But then when they told me what they wanted to do with it, I felt that nothing had been done on television like it.”

Suranne recently said of the new series: “Now we get to look at what actually happens when two [divorced] people have to live with each other. And parent a child and it’s messy. When I first read it – I didn’t know whether it should be a series two. But Mike [Bartlett] always wanted to write the aftermath of a divorce, which I think is never shown on TV in drama because people break up, have a divorce and that’s the end of the show.”

While we’ve always been firmly on Team Gemma, Suranne hinted during a recent interview that the dynamics won’t be so black and white. “What betrayal does to a person can make them ugly […] Gemma doesn’t behave well,” Suranne said. “And before she did that through hurt and now she has channeled her anger – it becomes dark and twisted.”

So what other news is there on season 2?

While we wait for the new series,  Suranne Jones herself has kindly been offering up little behind-the-scenes tidbits of the show’s filming. And one photo in particular has caught fan’s attention. The snap shows Suranne in character as Gemma, midway through filming. Suranne captioned the shot saying ‘Gemma Foster is back at work …. on set with our amazing camera team doing a ‘ walk and talk follow shot’.

The exclusive pic has sent fans of the show wild with excitement, with many commenting on how much they’re looking forward to the second instalment. One wrote, ‘I’m ready for season 2!! X’, while another said, ‘I can’t wait any longer. I’m excited to see series 2!!!! The first series was soo good I was sad to see it end! Such an amazing actress to go with it too!’

It’s also recently been revealed that a new cast member is joining the line up – Sherlock and The Moorside actress Sian Brooke.

While it’s not yet clear which character she’ll play, or whose side she’ll be on, but we do know that she’s the ultimate acting chameleon as evidenced by the pics below. Surely she couldn’t be another love rival for the already thwarted in love Doctor?

The first official picture from the forthcoming series has also recently landed, and we can only imagine what’s in store for anyone who dares to cross Gemma’s path. An all black outfit + dripping blood = nail-biting drama at its best!

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