Former Emmerdale actress Leah Bracknell has been battling lung cancer for the past year. But it’s now been revealed that the star’s treatment had ground to a devastating halt…

She’s most well known for her role as Zoe Tate in the Yorkshire Dales soap. But the focus of Leah’s life this past year has been beating her diagnosis of terminal lung cancer. The actress was diagnosed back in September 2016.

But sadly, it seems her latest round of treatment hasn’t been delivering results she’s hoped for. Devastatingly, it seems it has stopped working entirely.

The star set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for treatment when she was diagnosed. And on the page, her partner Jez Hughes, shared the heart-breaking news.

He wrote, “We have found out the drug she was on definitely isn’t working. So she has been off this for a while, while we find out about the next available steps.

“In fact we now think the drug probably stopped working back in March or even before, so for the last five months or so, she has been prospering solely on the ‘alternative’ treatments we have set in place.

Jez continued, thanking fans for their contributions to his girlfriend’s treatment. He wrote, “This is due to the incredible support we have had, as these treatments and private consultations aren’t cheap. So we are so very grateful for the opportunity to keep Leah strong and well in this way as we really believe it is working.”

(Leah in Emmerdale in 2005. She played character Zoe for 16 years.)

Jez later explained the treatment Leah is turning to in favour of the cancer drug. He explained, “One thing Leah swears by is the infrared sauna we were able to purchase that she is in very regularly.

“Other treatments that are having a very positive effect are various plant-based healing oils, which we credit for a lot of how well she remains. Also, a healthy diet and a positive attitude have been very helpful, and support from a great NHS oncologist’s team in London.”

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Support from Emmerdale fans for Leah…

Leah was first diagnosed in 2016, and described the news as a ‘complete shock’.  Leah admitted: “I did smoke in the past. The lung cancer was quite a shock, I haven’t smoked for decades and decades. Normally people are diagnosed later. It came honestly out of the blue.

“I was vegetarian, I don’t drink that much. I was fit for my age.”

When Leah first announced the news of her diagnosis, Emmerdale fans rallied together to support her. Fans of the show raised a staggering £50,000 in 24 hours. And the hope was that the money could send Leah to a clinic in Germany, for pioneering treatment.

At the time, Jez wrote, “We have continued to be in contact with the Hallwang, discussing the best timing for going over there.

“This will now be likely happening sooner rather than later. As there are some options presenting themselves which could mean a combination of some immunotherapy done over here enhanced by the treatments in Germany.

“This would be much more sustainable long-term, as the immunotherapy drugs are very, very expensive.

“Yet, they continue to show the greatest promise of long-term remission, which is what we are still very much aiming for.”

It’s unclear whether or not this is the treatment which has been unsuccessful on Leah. But whatever treatment she is undergoing, we are sending all our thoughts and love to the star.