Eamonn Holmes may appear to be as cool as a cucumber on our TV screens, but for the last few years, it turns out he’s been fighting a secret health battle.

The popular TV star revealed in an interview with The Telegraph that since the age of 50, he’s been wearing a hearing aid.

Ruth Langsford’s hubby discovered, around the time of his 50th birthday, that he had lost 30% of his hearing, after revealing he was struggling to hear over the noise of his birthday party.

He confessed, “And with all the hubbub and commotion, cutlery and crockery, music and conversation, I realised I was struggling to hear properly. I was saying ‘Excuse Me’, ‘Pardon’ and ‘What was that?’ far too often.”

Shortly afterwards, Eamonn went for a hearing test. Thinking it went well, he was shocked to hear the news. He said, “The technician suggested I have a hearing test, so I agreed. You have to press a buzzer every time you hear high-pitched noises. I left the test having clicked it plenty of times and feeling great.”

He continued, “I was reassured that it was nothing abnormal, but it’s a lot to cope with.

“No one warns you that your hearing is going to go down from 50. Learning a third of your hearing has gone is not the best birthday present.”

Now, the popular presenter regularly wears a hearing aid to present Sky News – and presumably, whilst appearing on This Morning with Ruth.

However, despite the slight setback, Eamonn has confessed that he won’t be taking it easy any time soon. Suggesting that men also go through a ‘manopause’, he revealed that the ageing process has only inspired him to accomplish everything he wants to. Good for you, Eamonn!

The 58-year-old said, “Of course there is a manopause. There is a natural decline. And I’m not a superhuman. But I have a positivity, a lust for life. I don’t feel that I want to slow up.”

“My own father died at 64, of a heart attack. It puts you in a bit of a hurry to do things.”