Former Loose Women star Denise Welch has sent fans wild with recent pictures on her social media, as she unveiled her fabulous bikini body while on holiday with husband Lincoln Townley.

The 59-year-old TV fave posted a collection of snaps of herself in a stunning red bikini against a picturesque backdrop, and fans were taken aback by how brilliant Denise looked.

Fans flocked to the first of the images to express their admiration for her brilliantly fit body, and how strong and healthy she looked.

Denise later posted another gorgeous bikini shot, alongside a caption expressing her intent to gain a six-pack before her 60th birthday.

She wrote, “Day 4. 8.44am. Denise is in a bikini…..again! It’s a day today. She’s going for that

Fans again responded in their droves to the shot, to express how “gorgeous” they thought she looked.

Denise’s diet and exercise regime…

The actress has enjoyed an incredibly body transformation in the last three years. She’s been vocal about the fact that, at 56, she lost a whopping two stone, after adopting a healthier diet and ditching the booze.

Speaking to the Express at the time, she admitted that a big part of it has actually been taking the time to consider what she’s putting in her mouth.

She confessed, “I now stop and think before I eat. It helps me whenever I have the urge to eat and it has proven to me how much I used to eat when I wasn’t even hungry.

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“Now I ask myself this question and work out whether I am just fed up, tired or stressed. This helps me to catch myself from falling into unhelpful eating patterns.”

She also confessed that one handy trick allows her to avoid temptation to reach for the biscuts or sweet treats. She revealed that a key part of her weight loss has been ditching the supermarket shop, to stop herself picking up those naughty treats.

(Denise Welch prior to her impressive 2-stone weight loss)

Advising fellow readers, she said, “Minimise temptation by sending someone else to do the supermarket shop or ordering on the internet, until you are in a strong mind-set that you won’t feel tempted.

She also admitted to following the 5:2 diet, where you eat healthily five days of the week, but enjoy what you want on the final two. She also runs to keep up her fitness levels, having previously taken part in half-marathon the Great North Run.

Her popular bikini shots…

But despite the positive reaction to her bikini pic, Denise is firm in the fact that she doesn’t post them in order to show off her bod, but rather to promote a positive body image among women.

She spoke to the Dialy Mirror about a previous bikini snap she posted. She admitted, “I posed in a bikini, not to say, ‘Look at me, a woman nearly 60 in a bikini!’ – I’d rather die than do that.

“I did it to promote body positivity. I’m a real advocate of mental well-being because of my own struggles.

“I say, ‘Look, I’m a size 12 not an 8. I’ve got a tummy and cellulite. I’ve had kids, but you know what? I don’t think I look too bad for a 59 year old.’ Let nobody tell you you can’t wear a bikini after 50. You can be 97 and wear a f***ing bikini.”

Hear, hear! Are you impressed by Denise’s fabulous bikini body?