Davina McCall has won a wave of praise from fans after posting an ‘incredible’ new workout picture.

The mum-of-three showed off her amazing abs in the photo, revealing she’d just taken part in a ‘genius’ spin class.

Presenting star Davina looked toned and slender in a pair of floral shorts and matching sports bra, with a huge grin on her face.

Of the class, she wrote, ‘So … just did spin with @lucy_spn.fit CRIKEY! It was like a spin hiit class ! Epic 45 mins !

‘If you haven’t tried spin, find one that’s like a nightclub … i get that euphoria I used to get clubbing …. it’s genius !!! #spin #fitness #50andfaf 😂😂😂😂😂 #underboob’.

Fans were floored by Davina’s social media pic, with many of her 894,000 followers flocking to the photo to praise the star’s impressive physique.

One user wrote, ‘You look amazing!’, while another agreed, saying, ‘You’re incredible and inspirational!’.

A third fan commented, ‘Wow looking great xx’ – while another wrote, ‘Oh my gosh I wish I look like you when I’m 50! Inspiring woman!! X’.

The positive reaction comes after the presenting star received some unexpected backlash on a recent photo.

Davina McCall posted a bikini selfie recently, which prompted some social media users to claim the star had ‘gone too far’, while another said of the snap, ‘It is not a healthy look !!!’

Hi. It is the beginning of the summer . And this is a 👙 selfie. And it probably won’t be the last . No apologies. Because I cannot quite believe I am posting pictures of myself in bikinis still 😃I get asked all the time how many times I work out a week 💪🏻. 3 times minimum … 4 ideally.. 45 mins to an hour . Can’t run at the mo so I do a mixture strength and cardio … i have so much to be grateful for… my kids are number one but right behind them at no 2 is how my fitness journey has made me feel . If I’m groggy, sluggish, negative it always sorts me out … if you are starting … start slow.. set small goals.. achievable goals.. you will get to where you want to be. I did. And if I did. ( after years of yo-yo dieting and binge exercise) You can. #ownyourgoals #fitness #motivation

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Davina later hit back at the criticism, posting another picture to her Twitter to share how even her enviably toned body can change in photos.

She wrote, “Jesus! Talk about hooha!!! Two pics… same day I chose one on the right coz I liked my 6 pack but just so you can all calm down here is one without.

“Look at my insta … happy and healthy.”

We don’t know about you, but if we looked anything like Davina, we’d be posting pictures of ourselves all day long…