TV presenter Davina McCall perhaps just as well known for her iconic on-screen status as she is her incredible gym-honed physique.

Taking to her Instagram account, 50-year-old Davina has shared an update of her fitness routine – having shared a snap of herself enjoying the July sunshine whilst doing an outdoors work out.

Posing for the snap, Davina flaunts her incredible set of abs in a black and white patterned sports bra.

Taking to her Instagram, the mother-of-three has shared another snap of herself enjoying her work out – which she has shared that “this picture is how I felt at the end of it!”.

Sharing that she had found it difficult to get going, Davina jokes: “Ah the old “hold the camera high so my tummy doesn’t crease “ shot … go see my stories for the wrinkly version”.

She then added: “It was tough this morning. I had a rest yesterday , thought I’d be bouncy . I was wrong. It was a real effort today … but…  this picture is how I felt at the end of it”.

Oh Davina… we can’t believe this is you on an off day!

Fans have been quick to comment on Davina’s incredible snap. One user shares: “Beautiful lady inside and out. You have helped me so much with my health and fitness”.

Another writes: “I wasn’t feeling my spin class this morning but as soon as a saw your post it made me pull myself together! thank you @davinamccall I feel fab now xx”.

We’re so glad to see Davina sharing her incredible fitness snaps as usual, after the presenter was forced to hit back at some utterly unpleasant comments about her body.

Replying to some uncalled for messages on a recent fitness snap, Davina had shared a message to her followers which reads: “Talk about hooha!!! Two pics… same day I chose one on the right coz I liked my 6 pack but just so you can all calm down here is one without. Look at my insta … happy and healthy.’