Coronation Street actress Catherine has angrily spoken out about an uncomfortable ordeal.

Catherine Tyldesley

Taking to Twitter, 34-year-old Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley has shared an account of her awful experience on the train.

Revealing she had been the subject of a body shaming attack by a fellow passenger, Catherine urged for awareness amongst her fans of the daily occurrence of verbal abuse.

Catherine wrote, “When some guy on the train bumps into you then blames my hips?!? What the actual fudge?!”

Continuing, Catherine then added, “Nice to see body shaming is on the decrease… “Big Child bearing hips” said the cheeky sod. Yes they are, and I can probably dead lift twice your body weight love.”

Catherine concluded her empowering post with a simple, “#backoff”.

Concerned fans have been quick to check in with Catherine.

However, the lovely lady has assured followers that she hasn’t been too shaken by the experience, adding, “I brought him back down to earth with a thud”.

Catherine, who is a mother of one, recently spoke about her own fitness journey with OK! magazine – revealing she used to battle with her health.

The actress said, “I used to be overweight and when I was a teenager my education on food wasn’t the best so I was in a desperate place.”

Catherine, who gave birth to son Alfie in March 2015, then revealed how she worked on her body after settling into life as a mum.

Sharing her dietary plan, Catherine explained, “[For breakfast] I always start the day with protein so normally salmon or an omelette [and for lunch] I really enjoy chargrilled chicken with a serving of broccoli and some avocado.”

Catherine then assured that she places great importance on responsible fitness, “Basically, I think if it runs, swims or grows in the earth you can eat it. I did it all by eating sensibly and working out. I still have a few pounds to go, but I’m getting there”.