Coleen hopes some family time could save their marriage...

Throughout the past few weeks the Rooneys’ marriage has been in crisis ahead of the arrival of their fourth child.

Last week, Wayne was caught up in a drink driving scandal while driving another woman, Laura Simpson, back to her home after they had shared a ‘kiss and a cuddle’ whilst wife Coleen was away on holiday.

Following this, it was alleged that Wayne had given Coleen an ultimatum – either they call it quits on their marriage of nine years or she stops going on holiday without him.

However, now Coleen appears to be calling the shots, with a current report speculating that Coleen has asked her husband to request some ‘sympathetic leave’ from Everton manager Ronald Koeman so the pair can get away together to work things out.

If this happens, and Wayne manages to receive some sympathetic leave, then this would mean that the 31-year-old father could miss a string of first-team games.

A insider close to the family has shared with The Sun: “Coleen wants them to get away as a family. She thinks it’s important to get away from the area and try and spend some time together – him, her and the kids.”

The source then adds, “In the midst of it all they haven’t been able to do that and, to work through their problems, she feels they need to get away.”

The source then touched on the fact that if they do not receive Wayne’s sympathetic leave, the family won’t be able to spend time together until the international break next month.

“He’s in the wrong headspace to play and the pressure is showing. If Wayne wants to save his marriage, it’s time to put the football in second place.”

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Alice Perry