Coleen Nolan's 29-year-old son, Shane Jr. has slammed his mum for being 'creepy' in front of his former girlfriends.

The Rixton singer, who is Coleen’s eldest son, has shared a tounge-in-cheek criticism of his beloved mum – confessing that she often displays some odd behaviour while around his beaus.

He revealed, “My mum once pulled me away from kissing my girlfriend at the time so she could hug me.

“She used to say to my GFs, ‘He will never be fully yours’. Now I don’t know if this stems from my Nan doing this to her years ago, but it needs to stop. It’s creepy.” Uh-oh!

However, the 53-year-old Loose Women star has defended her behaviour, revealing that she actually is only mimicking the attitude she got from her former husband, Shane Richie’s, mother.

In response, she admitted, “My ex mother-in law did that to me when I was first going with Shane. When he walked out of the room she said, ‘He’ll never be yours and he will be home in six weeks’.

And, ever the joker, Coleen reveals she said in response, “I just replied, ‘Probably with my cooking he will be home in four’.”

Shane, who shares his name with his Eastenders actor father, is currently believed to be single – so any prospective girlfriends, watch out!

The confession comes after Coleen Nolan admitted that years ago, she was left terrified after a freak choking accident left her thinking her son was going to die.

On yesterday’s Loose Women, she discussed the scary moment with her eldest son, Shane Jr.

She told the panellists, “When Shane Junior was about nine or 10 months old and I was just starting to introduce some solids. I think it was a little baby biscuit and he choked.

“It was probably only a matter of seconds but it felt like hours and hours – I was on my own, it was my first child. And from that moment, to this day, I have a terrible phobia of children choking.”