The pair have had a turbulent history...

Facing an ex is difficult anyway, but doing it on life TV is the stuff post-divorce nightmares are made of.

But that’s exactly what Coleen Nolan is going to have to do, and very soon. Her ex, Shane Richie, who famously cheated on the TV presenter several times, is booked in for a live show on Loose Women, where Coleen is a panel regular.

The couple divorced in 1999 but have two children together, Shane Jr, 28 and Jake, 25, so are still in contact. But they haven’t appeared on TV together in 18 years…

Shane is going onto the show to promote his new country music album and for the 53-year-old singer, it’s all about business, rather than his personal life. While Coleen speaks repeatedly about how much the split devastated her, Shane doesn’t seem fazed by the prospect of coming face to face with his ex wife.

“The girls are great, and I’ll be seeing the ex-wife… remember me?” he told the Mirror.

Then he rather scathingly added: “I love watching Loose Women. I like to see what I’ve been up to,” he added.

The pair wed in 1990, but were divorced by 1997 when she found out he was having an affair with a fan he first met at the stage door when she was just 13. Coleen has frequently discussed what a devastating effect this had on her confidence.

“As I’ve said many times, I stayed two years longer than I should have done in my first marriage because I still loved him and didn’t want my kids to be from a ‘broken home’,” she wrote in her column in the Mirror, earlier this year.

“Meanwhile, he continued to do as he pleased because he knew that’s how I felt.”

Coleen later admitted that counselling was the only thing that allowed her to move on, saying, “It was only counselling that made me realise that if I really wanted to do right by our kids, then I had to end the marriage.”

But she reaffirmed how important it was to be civil. “You don’t have to badmouth their dad, but you can explain that sometimes adults split up and reassure them that you love them exactly the same. You can both still be good parents without being together.”

Coleen originally found out Shane was cheating via a letter she received from an anonymous source.