Coleen Nolan returned to Loose Women today after three months away from the show.

The regular ITV show panelist stepped down in early September after being accused of ‘bullying’ Kim Woodburn live on air in August.

Despite a petition to get her off the show getting around 25,000 signatures, the Loose Women audience didn’t care and chanted her name so loudly as she appeared onstage with Jane Moore, Ruth Langsford and Janet Street Porter.

Shocked by the positive reaction, she said: ‘That was very nice. Don’t make me cry.

‘Everyone’s been great and it’s like coming home. It’s so Christmassy!’

She didn’t mention Kim or the reason she’d been away from our screens for so long.

The petition to get Coleen sacked from Loose Women went viral on social media, and led to her taking a break from the show, due to being so distressed.

The petition’s description read: ‘The treatment of Kim Woodburn by Coleen Nolan on Loose Women today (Wednesday 29 August 2018) was outrageous and should be condemned.

‘We, the undersigned, demand Coleen Nolan is removed from the Loose Women panel indefinitely for her atrocious act of unprovoked bullying. Say ‘No’ to Nolan!’

The outrage came after Coleen was reunited with Kim, having lived with each other in the Celebrity Big Brother house in January 2017, where they massively clashed.

Coleen’s sister Linda Nolan also happened  to be on Loose Women for the reunion – and stuck up for her sister in a big way, which led to many viewers claiming they were ganging up on Kim.

The How Clean Is Your House? star cried and accused the audience of ‘laughing’ at her, saying: ‘Look you folks can laugh all you want. I’m going to tell you something now and then I’m going to leave. I had a very very sad childhood, a brutal childhood, it was terrible.

‘Then when I went in the Big Brother house I was very upset in that house and I pretended I wasn’t, I pretended I was fine.’