Coleen Nolan has made a surprising confession about her relationship with her ex-husband Ray Fensome, six months after the couple made the sad announcement that they were getting a divorce after 11 years together.

On Tuesday’s episode of Loose Women, she told her fellow panellists that she and Ray and now actually getting on better than ever after separating.

In a discussion centred around whether divorce makes you ‘friends or foes’, Coleen admitted that taking time apart has meant that the two have been able to rekindle their friendship.

She confessed, “The last two years of us being together were hard because we were sad, and then angry that it wasn’t working, and then leading separate lives professionally and sociably.”

“Since we’ve said it isn’t working and split up we’ve turned into the friends we should’ve been.

“We’re friends again and we’re laughing together again.”

Co-panellist Anne Diamond went on to ask whether the realisation meant that she and Ray could possibly rekindle their marriage down the line. But Coleen promptly shut down the suggestion, stating, “No, not at all,”

She went on, “It’s made me realise that I’ve always loved him as a friend and I think I forget that.”

Coleen Nolan continued to reveal that it was actually their 17-year-old daughter who made her parents finally accept the fact that their marriage was over.

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She revealed, “We should have just stayed friends but we’ve got a beautiful daughter. In fact, it was Ciara who said, ‘Mum, you need to make a decision because it’s not working’.

“She said, ‘I love you both, I always will, but you’re not in love with each other any more.’ Now, she goes, ‘Ugh, my parents are friends – cringe!'”

Coleen shared that being able to be friends with Ray after their split has helped her to accept the decision to end their marriage, after 11 years together.

“I was devastated, obviously, when I realised I couldn’t save my marriage but, like I said, there’s another part of you that goes, ‘Ok, well this was obviously meant to be. Relax, go for it, you know.”

Good for you Coleen!