Paddy McGuinness' wife has been praised by Loose Women viewers after she spoke out about being a mum to autistic twins.

Christine McGuinness – who shares five-year-old’s Penelope and Leo with her husband – appeared on the show to talk about raising awareness around autism.

Christine McGuinness

While speaking to panellists Ruth Langsford, Saira Khan, Jane Moore and Mel B, the 30-year-old opened up about the struggles of caring for them, but then explained that she felt ‘blessed’ .

“I don’t feel like my children need fixing they’re amazing as they are”, she said. 

“They’re so intelligent, they’re funny, they’re loving, they care and they don’t feel they are any different.”

She then added, “I adore them, absolutely adore them I feel blessed that they’re mine”.

Following the inspiring chat, viewers rushed to social media to praise Christine, as one wrote on Twitter, “@loosewomen Christine is a star  having a cousin who’s autistic I know the challenges families face #supportautismhour”.

While a seconds said, “@loosewomen Christine is amazing and SO RIGHT. I support people with Autism and there is no where near enough awareness. #AutismHour”.

And a third added, “What a lovely mum christine is”.

This comes after the star took to Instagram yesterday to reveal the she’d overheard nasty comments being made about the ‘noises’ her kids were making.

Speaking to her 112k followers, she said, “Play centres are a challenging environment for my kids anyway. But they done really well. They loved it.

“I did over hear a lady complaining about my children. She complained about the noises they were making.

“She said, ‘there must be something wrong with those children.’ It broke my heart.”

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Little rant from yesterday.. 😒 When you’ve had or have non verbal children or children with delayed speech you appreciate any sound they make. Because whilst everyone comments on how wonderful and quiet your child is, all’s you wish for is that one day they can communicate and speak for themselves. I consider myself very fortunate that my children are now verbal, their vocabulary is not like other children their age but they’re doing absolutely amazing and catching up quickly with support. I had silent children for years so to hear someone complain about their noise, when they’re inside a play centre which is another challenging environment for them.. it’s heartbreaking. Their ‘noise’ was just happy squeals and laughter!. Yes my children can sometimes be louder than others, even though they don’t like noise themselves, but let children be children! We are not in a library here we are in a play centre, this woman moaned about my children 4-5 times! The sound of my children will always be music to my ears. I wish the woman complaining could have just opened her eyes to see my very happy, content children simply expressing their joy. #Autism #AutismAwareness #Acceptance

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Opening up about her children’s condition further, 30-year-old Christine continued, “They were just happy, they were squealing and laughing and being loud.

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“My kids don’t usually like noise but they are the loudest in the room. But let them enjoy themselves, they are expressing, they are happy.”

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star then added that there’s still a long way to go to ‘open peoples eyes’ to autism.

“People should see past the autism and see that they are happy children. Leave them alone.

“They’ve had a really good day, they’d had a brilliant day. It just upset me. All every mom wants is for their child to be happy. And they are, they’re really happy,” she finished the emotional message.

After posting the video on Instagram, Christine added that she was left ‘heartbroken’ by the comments, writing, “I had silent children for years so to hear someone complain about their noise, when they’re inside a play centre which is another challenging environment for them.. it’s heartbreaking”.

And followers were quick to offer messages of support to the mum-of-three – who also shares two-year-old Felicity with telly star Paddy, 45.

One replied, “Don’t let people bring you down celebrate the fact your children were playing happily i am so sorry that someone made you feel like this”.

While another added, “People are ignorant. Felt for you too, you are not alone ❤”.

Penelope and Leo were diagnosed with autism when they were three and a half, while Christine recently revealed Felicity is also showing early signs of autism but is too young to be diagnosed.