Having recently tied the knot to James Haskell, newlywed Chloe Madeley has revealed her famous dad Richard had one very specific request for her big day…

Whilst it is tradition for the wife to take the family surname of her husband, Richard was in no rush to give away the Madeley legacy – having requested Chloe’s husband took on her surname, as opposed to the traditional practice!

Speaking on Loose Women during today’s edition, rugby star James revealed the couple had opted out of Richard’s request – but it took some convincing…

“He did actually want me to be a Madeley, we did a show coming out in the summer with Dermot O’Leary and we were Team Madeley, and he tried to make me a Madeley,” James explained.

Continuing, he then added: “He is British TV heritage so I just did what I was told.”

However, despite her father’s requests, Chloe then explained that she has officially adopted her hubby’s surname in areas of her life except showbiz.

The daughter of Richard and Judy explained that her name will still appear on any published books or during any TV appearances, but in her personal life she is now known as Chloe Haskell.

Revealing the decision, Chloe shared: “I have such a really good and loyal audience now, I’m going to stay Chloe Madeley [on the books], which is a nice ode to my dad as well. But in everything else, I’m a Haskell!”

Speaking of her nuptials, which took place in December of last year, Chloe then added that it was “the best day” of her life.

Explaining that her father found the day very emotional, Chloe added: “Him and Mum were just really joyous. They were just grinning all day. It sounds really cliché but it was the best day of my life.”