Carol McGiffin is happier than ever with her appearance just three-weeks after having a facelift.

The Loose Women star has opened up about her reasoning behind having the cosmetic procedure, revealing that it’s all about “looking her best”.

“It’s not about looking younger, it’s about looking my best and more in line with the person I feel inside. I feel I’ve had my face put back to where it was,” Carol confessed.

The 58-year-old’s insecurities about her appearance before the procedure had got so bad that she even avoided looking in mirrors.

“There is an element of looking in the mirror and if it doesn’t reflect how you’re feeling, it’s horrible! I’d started to avoid it.”

Carol, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, found that after undergoing chemotherapy and a mastectomy she had “aged a lot”.

“My face just didn’t match with what’s going on in my head. I felt like my cancer and the treatments had aged me a lot,” she continued in an interview with Best Magazine.

“I started to feel there was no point in trying to look ‘nice’ I’d avoid make-up. I thought it would just highlight nooks and crannies. Now I feel good.”

It’s clear that Carol is not only looking, but feeling good also as she made her return as a Loose Women panelist last week after five years away.

And, although she is happier than ever with the results, Carol admitted that her fiancé Mark Cassidy was slightly apprehensive when she decided to have the surgery.

“He didn’t feel I needed it. But now he’s like, ‘Yeah, you’re right’,” she confessed.

With Carol revealing the results of her face lift live on Loose Women last week, we can’t wait for her to return to the panel for even more of her frank and shocking confessions!