Richard Madeley was accused of ‘being OCD’ this week, and it’s made him question whether he suffers from the illness.

The TV presenter – whose wife announced she was retiring from showbiz at the age of 70 today – was polishing the windows of his car for the second time in 48 hours when a neighbour made the bold claim.

“Bit OCD, that, Rich! I saw you doing that only a coupla days ago! You need to chill out,” the passer-by called.

And it got Richard, 62, thinking, “Where is the line between OCD and a mild form of fetishism?”

Chloe Madeley’s father went on to confess he has several OCD-like traits, including “keeping bed sheets crisp and pillows plumped,  ensuring the bathroom towels are always neatly folded in the bathroom and never letting his tank of petrol get more than two-thirds empty.”

Opening up about whether or not Richard thinks he has OCD – an anxiety order in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts – he said: “I smiled politely but it set me wondering. Where is the line between OCD and a mild form of fetishism? I think it’s in doing what you like doing as opposed to what you feel (like Bryony) forced to do. For example, I genuinely like driving a car with nice, gleaming, clear windows. I always have.

“I also like going to bed between crisp sheets, plumped-up pillows and a tucked-in, smoothed counterpane.”

“In the bathroom I appreciate neatly folded towels, a big wicker basket brim-full of luxury toilet rolls and a decently-filled tube of toothpaste, not some rolled-up, squeezed-to-death remnant to which I have to administer a death-grip to extract a smear of content. So I take care to avail myself of all these things.

“Back to the car. I like to keep its fuel tank topped up. I remember the tanker drivers’ strike of two decades ago when everyone queued for hours at petrol stations for a miserable couple of gallons. Never again. Not me. I never let it get more than two-thirds empty.”

But, whether or not his obsessive thoughts are OCD or not, Richard isn’t bothered.

“OCD? Fetishistic? To be honest I couldn’t care less. I do what makes me happy,” he confessed.

That’s the spirit, Richard!