At 35, actress Billie Piper has admitted that the last few years of her early 30s have been tricky to navigate.

The former Doctor Who actress has undeniably had a difficult time in her personal life, splitting from her beau of nine years, Laurence Fox, in 2016.

The pair married in 2007, but it all came to an end two years ago.

And Billie has confessed that the devastating split has left her going through a ‘massive life crisis’. She went on to admit that her third decade has proven ‘very challenging’ – and has even left her questioning her life choices.

Speaking about a new, secret TV role, she revealed to The Sun, “It’s about a woman who is going through a massive life crisis, which is how it feels to be in your thirties, actually.”

And, discussing her 30s, she confessed, “I think they’re very challenging.

“I think your thirties are a time when you start reflecting on everything you have or haven’t achieved, and where you’re going and what your mental health is like — are you in a circle of repetitive, negative behaviours?”

Reflecting on her more care-free twenties, Billie shared her belief that they were a ‘walk in the park’ compared to what your 30s bring.

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She said, “Your twenties are fun, wild and without consequence. Obviously there are dark moments in your twenties, but pretty much when you compare them to your thirties, they’re a bloody walk in the park.

“In your thirties it’s like, ‘Wow, s**t is getting real’.”

Billie has been open about her struggles throughout her life. In the past, she’s admitted to suffering from problems with drugs during her career as a singer, after struggling to cope with fame.

In May 2007, Billie also divorced from Radio 1 DJ Chris Evans, after marrying in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas in 2001.

She and ex-husband Laurence now have two children together, Winston James and Eugene Pip.