The best supermarket wines here for your browsing pleasure…

To be honest, there’s not much we love more than a cheap supermarket wine. We won’t beat around the bush…

It can get a bit of a bad rap, as cheap and not that nice. But we’re here to inform you that supermarket wine can be just as good as the fancier stuff – if not even better!

Relaxing with a cold glass of something alcoholic is DEFINITELY one of our favourites ways to round off the week. And it’s even nicer if we’ve bagged a bargain!

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It turns out, wine is actually one of those items where paying over the odds may not even buy you a better taste experience. And given the range of budget booze winning globally recognised industry awards, it seems that you actually can even get better wines if you pay a smaller price…

So take a look at our pick of the best supermarket wines…


Now, nothing else quite says luxury and big money than a glass of sparkling wine, or a ice-cold bottle of champagne. Veuve Cliquot, Dom Perignon, and Moet and Chandon all offer up uber-snazzy bottle of champers – but for a ginourmous price to match.

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So can you get the same great quality, and finessed feeling from a supermarket bottle of bubbly? It turns out, yes!

Lidl have launched an exciting new range of French wines and top of our list is the £7.99 – yes you read that right – bottle of L’Éphémère Crémant de Limoux. The budget supermarket writes that ‘Crémant is the term given to those French sparking wines made by the traditional method but from outside Champagne’. Our translation – this is basically akin to the good stuff, just at a fraction of the price. Cue popping corks and general merriment.

And in more good news of the best bottles of champagne in the world comes from a chain you’ll find right on your high-street – Co-op.

The Co-op champers, Les Pionniers NV Brut, has proven it’s place in the booze world. It picked up a coveted Gold award in the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships 2017.

And the best part? It only cost £16.99. Go stock up, stat!

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Now, prepare youselves ladies, because we’re about to introduce the sparkling wine drink of dreams. Meet, Progrigio – the Prosecco/wine hybrid we’ve all been waiting for.

Available at Asda, this bottle of supermarket wine is a fabulous girls’ night in option, as it’s priced at just £5. Ed Betts, Asda wine buying manager, said, “We believe Progrigio is the ideal affordable sparkling wine alternative.” We couldn’t agree more Ed!

AND just in time for Valentine’s Day, Asda is releasing its’ award winning Prosecco for just £5!

It is described as “a delicious sparkler with zesty lemon, pear and apple fruit flavours.”

It is also an award winning tipple, having picked up Silver at the 2017 Decanter Awards and Bronze at the International Wine Challenge earlier this year.

It will be available at this price up until 14th February, but get it while you can, as we reckon stocks won’t last long!

Now don’t mind us, we’re just off for an Asda trip…


Let’s kick this delicious little list off with our favourite option for blissful summer evenings. Rosé provides the perfect mix of spritz and sophistication, and it’s our go to drink for those lovely long weekends lounging in the sun.

But where can you get the best ones at the supermarket?

Well, according to recent awards, an Aldi rosé is one of the best out there.

The budget retailer’s Exquisite Collection Cotes De Provence, which is priced at just £5.99, was rated as one of the world’s best rosé at a recent wine awards event.

It bagged itself the silver medal at the International Wine Challenge – otherwise known as the ‘Oscars’ of the wine world. The Aldi rosé shook off competition from far more expensive bottles of pink fizz, and was celebrated for its strawberry flavour and “subtle spice.” Sadly, the rosé is so good, it’s now sold out in stores. But never fear! Because there are plenty more bottles left to make up for it…

The slightly more upmarket supermarket Waitrose also has a cracking cheap rosé. Their Mirabeau Classic 2016 (£9.99), also bagged an award at the Challenge – proving how much supermarket wines dominate the best of the bunch!

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There’s not much better than a warming glass of red with dinner, or sat by the fire on a stormy winter’s night. But can you really do red on a budget? It’s a famous luxurious wine option, with lots of red costing a pretty penny.

wine descriptions

But there’s actually no need to pay much more than a tenner, as one of the most prestigious red wines in the world is from none other than Asda.

The £6(!) bottle of La Moneda Reserva Malbec 2016 beat out a whopping 16,000 other wines at the Decanter Wine Awards back in 2016, to win the prestigious ‘best in show’ price.

And while it’s popular with the experts, Asda’s customers love it just as much too, as it consistently wins itself a 4.5/5 rating online. You don’t have to tell us twice!

And if all of THAT wasn’t enough, the award-winning wine caused such a frenzy when it picked up it’s accolade, desparate customers crashed the ASDA site at the time as they went in search of it! Clearly, it MUST be good…

Asda has offered up another winner too, according to the experts at Wotwine?. Their Extra Special Yarra Valley Pinot Noir, which retails at £7.89 is highly recommended by them, given that it comes from South Australia. According to them, it’s one of the best value wines out there, at a scandalously cheap price for the great quality you get.

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But don’t for one second think the wine world has forgotten about a good old glass of white. Crispy, sweet, dry – whichever way you drink it, it’s always delicious.

Lidl is a great go-to for the best supermarket white wine. And they have a particularly special offering in its Ernest Wein Alsace Reisling. Founder of Wotwine? Christopher Burr commended the £6.50 pick to the Evening Standard.

He said, “It has a typical Alsace richness balanced with clean bright acidity. There’s good depth and flavour intensity and it goes wonderfully well with smoked fish.

But, if you’re a Chardonnay kind of lady, there’s a bottle for you too. Burr recommends a slightly fancier option with Waitroses’ Vasse Felix Filius Chardonnay 2015.

Apparently, it’s from one of the top chardonnay growing regions in the world, in Western Australia. Plus, it’s a steal at just £9.69. Say no more – we’re sold!

So which one takes your fancy? Will you be picking up a bottle for your evening tonight? Or do you think you need to spend more to get a great quality wine? Let us know in the comments, or on the Woman Magazine Facebook page!