Yippee! It’s now possible to shave the cost of your wedding, with Aldi’s newly launched wedding wine service.

If you think weddings are expensive, you’re not alone. Many of us spending around a whopping £30,000 on our nupitals, according to Brides magazine!

So if there’s a way to lower the cost of the big day, it’s certainly a good idea to consider it if you’re on a budget.

And luckily, Aldi is here to save the day for brides and grooms across the nation, with their new wedding wine website. The budget retailer has become famous in recent years for it’s award-winning boozy buys.

And now, they’ve collated their very best wines from which you can pick and choose, and order for delivery to your wedding reception. You can browse the Aldi wedding wine sevice here.

Wedding planners can decide on a mixture of reds, whites, champagne and other bubbly’s, depending on which food is being served on their big day. Handily, Aldi have also recommended just how much booze you may need.

The retailer suggests 2 glasses per guest at the beginning of the reception, before your food arrives. Then, they suggest you allow for three glasses for each guest during the meal. Aldi have also guess-estimated at 1 glass each for the speeches. That, of course, is dependant on how long they go on for…

And of course, you’ll want to reserve most of the good stuff for the party at the end of the evening. Although, probably not too much…

Following that logic, you’d need around nine bottles of booze for 50 guests – bringing the total cost down to just £2 per person. Practically a bargain!

So if you’re convinced, which wines can you purchase on Aldi’s site? The store has HUGE range of highly-rated bottles, including either a French Merlot, a Sauvignon Blanc, or classic bottle of Prosecco.

Guests can also opt for Pinot Grigio, some Chardonnay, Rose, or a Shiraz. And, if you’d rather not think about the specifics, you can simply purchase a ‘Party Package’. The package contains seven different types of wines, for just £94. What more could you possibly ask for?!

And to top it all off, orders of over £20 will be granted free standard delivery. Plus, Aldi can deliver to most postal areas.

Happy shopping people!